personal brand for middle management and mouthpieces

work Out Personal Branding' Iceberg* is one of the needs of these professionals to meet one of the key powers in this century> personal brand management in the company to be self-conscious, personal strategy work (define goals, Value Propositions, business model, message) and networking and visibility plan that allows them to be not only known but recognized as unique in their specialty.

The result of the workshop is that participants will be aware every day of your personal brand development.

*The Iceberg of personal branding is a methodology created in 2010 by Guillem Recolons distinguishes three areas of work:

  1. self-knowledge (diagnosis of the footprint we leave on others, DAFO…)
  2. Personal strategy (goals, value proposition, business model, messages)
  3. Visibility (communication plan and networking off and online)
  • Profile

    middle management, commercial, Spokesmen for the organization

  • Duration

    Workshop between 12 and 16h. Face format in-company or instead agreed. It includes pre-work and monitoring activity after.

  • Benefits

    Improved self-knowledge, definition of personal goals, own business model and shared with the organization, value proposition, in the message. Creating plan internal / external communication, working elevator pitch, digital tools and personal learning environment