Reputation crisis in sight: It's not MBA all that glitters

This week I'm dealing with a misresolved online reputation case by a brand that soon went from nowhere to sell more than 12 millions of euros in online training with a successful product... but an equivocal marketing.

If you have little time, I invite you to watch this one-minute video summary:

August 2019: MBA programs go into crisis

Before we go any further, and although it may seem very obvious, M.b.a. stands for "Master in Business Administration". It is a degree that has enjoyed a lot of prestige since its graduate students had no problem finding a good job.

Less than a year ago the magazine Forbes, in its US edition, the US edition of the world. USA, Warned:

“…For the second year in a row, even the top-rated business schools in the U.S.. USA. are beginning to report significant decreases in MBA applications, with double-digit decreases. Last year, the top ten business schools combined saw a drop of about 3.400 MBA applicants.

The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan experienced the worst drop, a decrease in the 8,5% of 3.485 to 3.188 Applications. Harvard fell 4.5%, UC-Berkeley Haas 7.5%, Wharton 6.7%, Stanford 4.6% and Stand 8.2%."


Possibly the rise of programs that have to do with digitization, but there are multiple reasons.

Deans attributed the decline to factors that include a strong US economy. But it's not the first time, who maintained the occupation, Trump's immigration rhetoric, the rising cost of the full-time MBA market title and cannibalization by the success of graduate degrees in business, MBA programs and other factors.

Four people seized the moment

Borja Adanero, together with Rafael Gozalo, Hugo Arévalo and Kike Corral had a different vision: Offer real experiences of entrepreneurs explained in testimonial key and video.

The result was the launch of ThePowerMBA, a practical video study program that you could follow from your smartphone. Different media report sales in a year close to 12 millions of euros, what makes this project one of the best business ideas of recent years.

The best? they took advantage of the "gap" left by the big business schools, in two respects: digital and "lean" model. As for digital, some schools could have their MBA version online, but not "digital native". According to his own publicity, "you can see it like a Netflix series”. As for lightness, you'll finish it in a few months, nothing to do with an official college MBA, approaching two years.

The Cost comes into play aggressively: 490For ThePowerMBA vs. several thousand euros (depending on the center) for a college-certified MBA.

At the outing, you think you have to applaud

And I applaud, of course. Today, create a "legal" business model that makes you make so much money in such a short time, at least he deserves my respects and congratulations.

I had the opportunity to "play" with his application from the hands of a friend who was pursuing it. And the truth is that Engages. Zero theory, real cases, real problems, real opportunities told by their illustrious- protagonists.

Ok, I must warn you that ThePowerMBA is not an MBA. It's not comparable, nor in terms of study methodology, Certification, hours of study, Validation... That doesn't make it a bad plan., But you can't compare. It's not a shortcut., it's another way, and leads somewhere else.

So where's the problem?

The truth is that after my trial, I was willing to "enroll". And I made the mistake of "leaving a cookie" entering your website, and the nightmare began.

Wherever it went, he kept finding me his ads, with flashy headlines, even wrong, of the type "Have you studied Elon Musk at ThePowerMBA?" Or also "Try the Master created by youTube creators for free, Tesla, Shazam... and starts to understand the business like them”. Finally, better not to opt for an ethics Nobel.

It became a Persecution, and all because I didn't correctly select cookies before entering their website. I was getting so much publicity in so many places that I had to ask every social network not to show me their ads anymore. The reason: appear too often. But they kept popping up. I finally had to use the reporting method spam.

So far, me keep popping up. I don't discuss the good idea, but as an advertising I do not approve of these aggressive techniques of growth hacking. It's more, I don't put you the link to their website because I appreciate you as a reader/reader of my website and I don't want you to suffer their persecution.

That's funny.: the reputation crisis came for another cause

However, it wasn't the unbearable aggressiveness of their marketing that brought them a few days ago their first reputation crisis. It was the testimony of a UX expert who complained of having created free content for the entity without appearing in the credits. And then, following the success of her video pill, they put it in place - without asking- as part of your team.

Here's the origin of the reputation crisis: a simple tweet from Carlos Sanchez @chocotuits, a Spanish product designer working in New York with UX user experience methodology (And by the way, Magnificent photographer).

Are companies prepared to respond to a reputational crisis?

On paper yes. But the reality is stubborn. And many companies continue to make mistakes that are dealt with in 1st Communication.

ThePowerMBA's problem was not Carlos' tweet, was a cluster of wrong answers, many of them managed via fake profiles generated by bots and, so, that instead of reducing the problem made it bigger.

The head of marketing itself (now it's called CMO) promised Carlos to remove the content (your video) from the web, thing he didn't do, because by going viral, some students communicated with Carlos by sending him screenshots of his video - which had not been removed-.

The matter went so far that even many people who had finished ThePowerMBA - and the enthusiasm led them to place it on their CV- ended up eliminating it out of shame? possibly.

I think in future MAPs (certificates) this case will be studied under the title "how not managing a crisis brand reputation".

Some key to avoiding reputational crises like this

Of course. You'll think that "a bull passed, we are all Manolete". But real-time MBA explores ways to prevent reputation crises, a simpler and less expensive strategy than addressing them when they have occurred.

  • Naming: watch out for not confusing your audience. There are no MBA for 500 euros, so call it another way, because you can go from confusing to cheating.
  • Marketing: I understand certain "aggressive" marketing techniques in the launch phase. After the initial phase, if the product is good - and in its realm it is- will move better in mouth-ear, so it's better to have a campaign aimed at students of the style "Member get member" or affiliation.
  • Message: Is it so hard to call it "the favorite course of entrepreneurs"? Well, instead, they're using misleading advertising, as discussed above.
  • Crisis communication: If you use bots, your code of ethics falls through the floor. If you give your face, don't do it to attack, it's better to take the mistake, Rectify, compensate who you have to make up for (doesn't come from there), and point the point of "rectifying is wise".
  • The model of negocior Hifi. As you know, a hi-Fi hi-fi equipment sounds as good as the worst of its components. Well, with business models the same thing happens. Once a part makes water, the ship can sink. Beware that.

The thin line between success and failure

I think the creators of ThePowerMBA will move forward. The product is good, and its price justifies it. However, if I were the top boss, would change the entire marketing team and I would consider a rebranding with a serious company, as Grávita, for example.

A very thin line separates success from failure. It's good to keep active listening, leave the Arrogance sideways and keep in mind that David could with Goliath.


And speaking of Business Models, look at this online congress

The I INTERNATIONAL Online Business Model Adaptation CONGRESS is born: 4 days, 19 speakers and 23 presentations

I BusinessModel Adaptation Congress

We started this 2020 with recession parameters. And if it was not enough, Covid19 arrived, that's still between us. Many business models are making water, either because of a lack of digitization or an unattractive value proposition, or for many other factors.

We've seen companies in the food and healthcare sector go up, and many models that were studied in true MBAs, like Airbnb, oil companies, Uber... have been ineffective in a crisis like the Covid.

And that's what you'll see in #BusinessModelAdaptation: what factors influence for the business model to survive with its head held high in convulsing times. In other words: how a business model must evolve to adapt to the times that come. Plus, given that her primary mentor, Montse Peñarroya, comes from the online world, you can imagine that digital will be more than present.

Organizes Quadrant Alfa, La Salle URL and The Human Branding. In addition, I'm one of the 19 speakers. You can check all the information about the I International Business Model Adaptation Congress on the web

And small surprise for readers of this blog: gr10ADAPATION, you'll have a 10% discounted on the premium subscription. And if you're also a subscriber to the blog, in the next newsletter (Monday 6 of July) you'll get a additional surprise very interesting.

This week the Personal Branding Strategy online course begins

To be exact, Thursday 9 of July the course begins at the University of Vic. All videos + PDFs, where teachers, and also tutors of the virtual area, we are Helena Casas And I.

You have all the info (and a small discount on tuition) on the page: Personal Branding Strategy online course.

Have a nice week!!

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Personal Online brand do you dare to choose the black pill?

Morpheus offers Neo a choice between blue or red pill. Blue will allow you to forget sorrows and stay in virtual reality, while the red one will free him from it and lead him into the painful and cruel real world... do you remember The Matrix?

Have passed 20 years old . And now the real world and the virtual world have merged, offering the best of each... and sometimes also the worst do we accept it? Now there's only one pill, the black one dare you take it?

If you have little time I invite you to watch this video-summary:

Personal Online brand embraces the good side of the black pill

First of all, Personal Online Brand is a Congress. And as the name suggests, is online. Covid19 has rethought many things, and among them is familiarity with the virtual, interactive, digital, but real. A perfect mix, a black pill that wasn't available in 1999, when The Matrix premiered.

Virtual should not be synonymous with poor. The Quality it's also online. Because Personal Online Brand it's a paid congress. We have brought together people with a lot of experience in managing large online communities from multiple platforms. They know how a successful broadcast works. Most important, Know add value.

We have brought together professionals who understand the personal brand management process as a Iceberg, from self-knowledge to the communication plan, going through the design of the personal strategy.

The value proposition of the Personal Online Brand congress

There's something important: who organize and manage this congress have after themselves years of experience in personal branding, digital marketing, communication and event management.

But most importantly, the real value proposition of Personal Online Brand, is that for the first time a REAL itinerary how to approach a personal branding process.

The usual thing is that the organizers of congresses are first looking for influential people and then setting the presentation schedules at the convenience of each. In this case, has prevailed the value content over the name. And the speakers are specialists in their areas and they have worked together before. They're going to complement their talks, not to repeat concepts.

How the Personal Online Brand Congress Works

Date and times

Monday 4 to Thursday 7 of May, 2020. 2 hours and 20 minutes daily, between the 9:00AM and the AM 11:20AM in Mexico schedule CDMX (16:00 and 18:20Spanish time h). 7 daily presentations of only 15 minutes with 5 added minutes of Q&A between the audience and speakers.


You can check the agenda here, in total they are 28 presentations. They start at personal brand self-diagnosis (self-knowledge), continue in the strategic area, with design of the value proposition and business model and end up in the area of communication, networking and measuring KPI's.

Who you're targeting

The Brand Personal Online congress addresses two audiences:

  1. Professionals who need to identify their value proposition, what makes them unique and valuable people. They need to strengthen their digital skills to move in an increasingly complex and changing world. They want to undertake, either within the company they work for or in a project of their own.
  1. Business who want professionals involved with the brand, eager to represent her proudly in real and digital environments; true brand ambassadors. Companies that need to retain their teams, and embrace a purpose and learn communication tools to reach the market more effectively. That translates into trust, sales, loyalty and talent attraction.

What it takes to sign up

Only two requirements are required to enroll in Personal Brand Online

  • Cravings for improve your career plan or the branding your company
  • Register and choose one of the three plans (Basic, premium and corporate) on the web with its corresponding payment gateway


From Mexico, Dominican Republic and Spain for the whole planet in Spanish speaking, and from left to right:

speakers Brand Personal Online

Alan Urbina and Nancy Vazquez, founding partners Integra Personal Branding Mexico.

Isaac G. Merino, digital business consultant QUIFER Consultants Dominican Republic and Helena Casas and Guillem Recolons project The Human Branding in Spain.


The main deliverable is the same live congress, between 4 and 7 of May, via an online platform whose features will be available to subscribers to the conference days before the broadcast.

In the versions Premium and Corporate will also be delivered free ebook Congress, a Certification and a user account to view the videos Congress (who will be in private mode) exclusively after the event.

In the case of the Corporate program, it is also included for companies a webinar ad hoc for each few weeks after the congress to resolve specific questions about the company sector. In addition, those companies will get special conditions in the procurement of programs of executive branding, employee advocacy programs, corporate storytelling y employer branding.

Organization and contact

Anabel Ferreiras, partner and director of Quifer Consultores, is the one who organizes the Personal Brand Online congress from Santo Domingo, Rd. Anabel is also the alma mater of the MADI congress and of the Branding Week RD.

The broadcast is managed from Mexico for everyone with the live experience of the Integra Personal Branding team.

For any questions or needs related to subscriptions, please contact Anabel at the post office or by Whatsapp to your number +1 (829) 694-8080.

The black pill is ready

It only requires professionals and nonconformist companies, eager for progress. And let them understand that OFF and ON have already been cast in black, like the end of the movies. All yours, here's the door:


Stock Photos from Puhhha / Shutterstock

It's happened this week.

#BeyondCaos a new edition of TEDx Eixample, this time virtual

Success. More of 750 connected people, with peaks of 260 people and averages of 20′. I didn't know that was good., but the technical manager of the broadcast, Jordi Talleda, founding partner of Linka and the event's unique sponsor, certified it.

Culture, Environment, education and innovation after Covid19. These were the topics covered by the four speakers in very brief talks but of extraordinary quality and better message. Their responsibilities were:

  • Pepe Zapata: Director of TRESC, Community of Culture. Expert in cultural audiences.
  • Alejandro Valdovinos: Telecommunications Engineer, Participates in different clusters related to Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Mobility
  • Eva Forcadell: Neuropsychologist, specialist in neuroscience and education and founder of Memory library.
  • Juanma Freire: Head of scientific affairs at Ferrovial. Physical, Musician, passionate about the sea, dad and open innovation driver.

TEDx Eixample Beyond Chaos

Soon the videos will be available on the TED channel. I'll hang them here and let my blog subscribers know.

podcast: Personal brand: A Service Attitude

This week I was interviewed by my colleague Fabián González for your YouTube podcast and video. We talked about the personal brand as a service attitude to others.

Maybe the bio I have on my Twitter profile: “S.XXI shoe cleaner version, helping other people to shine” it will influence you to place the title. The truth is, I enjoyed your interview., is a close person and, definitely, one of the personal brand reviews. Here's the version in Spotify podcast. And here's the video:


Podcast on reputation crises

My colleague Rayko Lorenzo, teacher and great digital marketing expert, me “Bundled” to participate in the talk of Entrepreneurs Factory, by Radio Las Palmas. It was great the talk with Carlos Jimenez and Presen Simon together to Rayko. The linchpin of the talk was the crisis of reputation, especially online reputation.

talk radio the palms

I invite you here to see the podcast about reputation crisis. Have a nice week!

10 actions you can do for your personal brand from home

Many countries around the world are in a state of alarm due to covid-19 action. The Quarantine prevails in many of them, with a minimum of two weeks “Locked” At home. Few open shops. But nothing prevents us from making progress with developing our personal brand from home.

This video, more than eight minutes, includes most of the written content below.

Action 01: Read personally branded books

Brand CEO and brand ambassadorsMARCACEO and Brand Ambassadors. Cristina Mulero

I had the opportunity to read CEO Brand and Brand Ambassadors before it's published. Cristina sent it to me., still in PDF, as a draft. And the truth is, I thought it was magnificent the work he did.. So much so that my review is on an inner flap.

Everyone thinks personal branding is something for freelancers, for freelancers, etc. and Cristina demonstrates in this book the practical usefulness that Personal Branding has applied in organizations, both from the dome, the big executives, as from middle managers, great brand ambassadors and trusted generators.

The Yellow Road. Victor Gay-Zaragoza. Plan B The Yellow Road. Victor Gay Zaragoza

The Yellow Road it's a book about storytelling, a magnificent book, a book to enjoy it: seven steps to succeed by telling a story... or telling your own story, you choose what story you tell.

I met Victor a few years ago., when he presented his second book.The rebellious philosophy”, and this book surprised me as much as the first. And I was also in his workshop storytelling, that meant for me a before and after.

Monetizagram Pedro Rojas Lid

Monetizagram. Pedro Rojas. Lid Editorial

In a very different area from the previous ones we have "Monetizagram"from our friend @seniormanager.

The book includes everything you need to know to make the most of this booming social network, which is Instagram. I also had the opportunity to attend the Monetizagram workshop with Eva Collado, And the truth, brought us a lot of courage.


Action 02: Read personal brand ebooks

Maybe you don't have the paper books at home., And the truth, in times of alarm state, bookstores are closed. Although you can always turn to Amazon and the like, ebook is a good alternative.

Let your talent flow. Soymimarca. several authors

Let your talent flow is a free ebook that includes the best of 2019 from the Soymimarca blog. Prologated by Elena Arnaiz, includes articles by various authors, and you can get it in free download on the blog itself

The best and worst of the staff branding in 2019 and major trends 2020

This is a book that collects the best and worst also of Personal Branding 2019 along with trends 2020 personal brand, from this blog. You can find it right here for free at the end of this article.

Workbook de marca personal. Street Personal Branding

Personal Brand Workbook it was written by Claudio Inacio and Andrés Pérez Ortega and it's called yes because it's a book full of exercises. They call it: Personal Branding's first practical book, the truth is that it's a book that has a small cost, but compared to its value it's very profitable and it's worth it that you can read it from home.

Action 03: Sign up for an online course

Personal Branding Strategy, UVic UCC

The third action to do at home is to study online. And this time I propose a course that just came out of the oven, Vic University, it's called "Personal Branding Strategy”. Teachers are Helena Casas And I. Here's a summary:

A difference from a master's degree or a postgraduate degree, it's something lighter. It will take place in July 2020 and pre-registration is already open. Investment is relatively small: 235,5€, compared to a postgraduate or a master's degree, as you can see it's much more affordable and reasonable. And it's in Spanish. Highly recommended. By the way, from here you can get a 5% off.

Action 04: test your digital business skills

In this case it is Álex López who proposes a very interesting test called "Digital Selling", and that can be found on the web, What is it

And in addition to the test, which measures seven parameters to strengthen our brand and be better connectors and better sellers on social media, you can find various knowledge pills that have great value within this website. The friend and founder of Cyberclick David Thomas, the founder of AlwaysPeopleFirst, Xavi Escales, the commercial trainer Felipe García Rey, my good friend and digital humanist Joan Clotet, Guillem such Recolons, the director of Enzymatics Laura Fernandez D'avila, yes, transformation manager by Novartis Stephane Morel, Nedgia's communication specialist Noelia Sanchez, writer and lecturer Alex Rovira, the Director of the Spanish Institute of Sinergology Eva Garcia Ruiz, my friend Arancha Ruiz and my good friend Alex Lopez (creator of the platform).

Don't miss it:

Action 05: Improve your social networks

Good, fifth action: Improve your social networks. It's a good time to tidy up and analyze the value we bring and convey.

For example: that picture you have in profile still with the dress of the first communion, it would be time to change it and update it, to catch up. And the same with your biography, your value proposition, analyze your keywords, Anyway, and everything related to contacts, networking.

Action 06: Improving our health from home

Here I propose to review a great TED video of Paula Fernández-Ochoa which he presented last year in TEDx Eixample. The video explains how to do a full exercise in just ten minutes and with very little space.

Paula had a red carpet barely a metre and a half in diameter, and with that he had to do a series of exercises that blew everyone away. Here's the video, that breaks the belief that you can't exercise from home:

Action 07: Subscribe to personal brand blogs

Multi-author blogs

  • First, as multi-author blogs collaborative authors have the Soymimarca, perhaps one of the most complete and with some solera
  • Then you have the Integra Personal Branding Mexico, which includes collaborations from Integra's own partners (among which I figure along with its founders, Nancy Vazquez and Alan Urbina) and many guests from the LATAM region.
  • And you have the one More than Law, directed by Paula Fernández-Ochoa, where there are very interesting content from various authors.

Blogs of personal brand pioneers

Although today we have many bloggers, starts this section with those who opened the way between 2005 and 2010 (And they're still there):

Mandatory blogs (in addition to the pioneers)

Many professionals have created their own style, their own methodology and their own way of communicating. I highlight the following:

America exists, and step hard

Of course, America exists. And in addition to existing, contribute more than you think to Personal Branding. a Brazil, Ilana Berenholc, Daniela Viek, Deize Andrade... In Colombia, Raquel Gómez, Johnny Durán, Hector Jimenez, Veronica Sanchez... In Venezuela, Ylse Roa, Fernando Rios, Yi Min Shum... In Peru, dew Ames, Inés Temple... In Chile, Roberto Arancibia, Gabriel Patrizzi... In the Dominican Republic, Vladimir Estrada..

Action 08: Watch personal brand videos

Personal Branding Lab Day

Here I propose you to watch personal brand videos of all colors, of all typologies and all authors. And why? Because I propose you to go into Personal Branding Lab Day's YouTube channel, the personal brand congress.

And there we find more than a hundred videos of many authors and a lot of hours of video. So, it's hard you can't find content there that doesn't fit what you're looking for.

Action 09: Listen to podcast

Ninth action to do at home: listen to podcasts. When the screens have tired you, you can't read anymore, to see screens, the podcast is a good solution to be able to hear interesting things.

The truth is that in personal brand we have a subject pending there. We're not all authors yet on that podcast thing.. Let's hope this is resolved this year 2020.

One of the pioneers is Mireya Trias, to which I recommend you follow and be able to follow their podcasts. And also TED in Spanish, for example, interesting even if it's not strictly personal brand, you learn a lot and they help you change some interesting habits.

I add to these proposals the invitation of my colleague from Bogota Raquel Gómez to listen to their Podcast on Mondays across all their networks, and so glimpse more actions for this season.

And later on, in terms of platforms, you've got a lot of. You have from iVoox, Spotify, Apple's own iTunes, Anyway, I would extend, but the podcast is a format that's really hitting hard and it's going to stick even more.

Action 10: Watching movies at home

And last: watch movies at home. Not that they won't let us out anymore., they don't let us go to the movies, the truth is that we have more options and platforms than ever to do it: Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, Yoigo, Netflix, Hbo, Disney, Apple TV, plus the DVDs we have at home, and besides some of those old VHS do you remember?

Well, there's plenty to see., mostly classics. In any case, there I leave you these recommendations. Ten actions you can do for your personal brand from home. If you can think of any more, I'll wait for you. Come, See you next week.

Stock Photos from Chendongshan / Shutterstock

#Storytelling: 366 stories in perpetual images

What happens when you spend a whole year publishing daily stories in images that have been left for the story?

For when you look back you realize the power of the image and its ability to tell stories.

Between 2 March 2019 and 1 March 2020 I've been published the series #GRelatos on my Instagram profile every day. There is no profit at all, nor does it have to do with my profession as an analyst and consultant in personal branding. It's my passion for the story and the image that brings me here. Now you'll see why.

If you have little time, here's a video summary (in Spanish).

Image and story is a winning combination

There are images that draw our attention for their beauty. Mona Lisa's Portrait, by Leonardo Da Vinci. A photograph of the Northern Lights. An image of a whale breathing on the surface…

The Surprise of Harold Whittles. Jack Bradley, 1974

#GRelatos published on 20 May 2019

But sometimes, without a little story that clarifies what's going on, the image is only beautiful, but it doesn't constitute a RELATO, this way, In uppercase.

Look at this image of this child: it's pretty, true? Of course, but the interesting thing is to know that it was the first time this child had heard a sound. And photographer Jack Bradley was there to immortalize that unique moment. That turns the image into something else, in a true story capable of thrilling us.

It's not what it looks like.

This phrase, more typical of adultery, defines well the difference between what an image seems to convey with the naked eye and what it really tells when you know the story.

This is the case of this extraordinary photograph by photographer Rocco Morabito in 1967. At first glance you may think it's an image of a two-man kissing at work. Nothing further.


The Kiss of Life. Rocco Morabito, 1967

The Kiss of Life. Rocco Morabito, 1967

#GRelatos published on 25 April 2019

Two power line workers, Champion Randall and JD Thompson, carried out routine maintenance when Champion grazed one of the high-voltage lines on top. His heart stopped instantly.

His safety harness avoided a fall, and Thompson reached him quickly and breathed his mouth-to-mouth. He was unable to perform CPR, given the circumstances, but continued his breath in Champion's lungs until he felt a slight pulse. Then, unbuttoned the harness and descended with it on his shoulder.

Thompson and other workers performed CPR on the ground, and Champion was revived before the ambulance that was called by photographer Rocco Morabito moments before taking this picture. The photograph was published in newspapers around the world.

That's what it looks like.

The photos also show stories that we find impossible today. Images of wars, of parents who sell their children so that everyone can survive. And this one, one of the most iconic images of gender equality, at a time when women couldn't participate in a marathon. Isn't it?, it didn't happen in the 19th century, it was in 1967.

Kathrine Switzer Marathon. Harry Trask, Boston Herald, 1967

Kathrine Switzer Marathon. Harry Trask, Boston Herald, 1967

#GRelatos published on 25 April 2019

Career officer Jock Semple tried to forcibly remove the runner Kathrine Switzer Boston Marathon in 1967, simply because she was a woman. Fortunately for Switzer, her boyfriend gave her a hand and she could reach the finish line. Switzer was inspired by the incident to create athletic events for women around the world and it was a leader in bringing the women's marathon at the Olympics.

Like life itself

Everyday life is part of our lives, even if it's as exceptional as photographer Alyona Kochetkova's, unable to take your favorite dish due to the effects of chemotherapy. A self-portrait that got a World Press Photo in 2019.

When I was sick. Alyona Kochetkova, 2018

When I was sick. Alyona Kochetkova, 2018

GRelatos published on 14 May 2019

Pioneering images, the ones that opened a path

There are many images that opened new paths. Like the first selfie or the first image taken from a mobile phone (1997). Imagine what it would be like to photograph without selfies or images captured with our smartphones.

The first selfie. Joseph Byron, 1920

The first selfie. Joseph Byron, 1920

GRelatos published on 6 May 2019

First image sent by mobile phone. Philippe Kahn, 1997 (1)

First image sent by mobile phone. Philippe Kahn, 1997

GRelatos published on 12 March 2019

Iconic images… that were pre-fabricated

Some of the world's most reproduced images, "Le Baiser de l'Hétel de Ville" by Robert Doisneau were no accident, but planned. That's it, in my view, doesn't take beauty away from the image, but maybe it distorts his account. In this case, it was a publicity photograph to promote Paris as a destination for lovers.

Le Baiser de l'Hétel de Ville. Robert Doisneau, 1950

Le Baiser de l'Hétel de Ville. Robert Doisneau, 1950

GRelatos published on 28 April 2019

Incomplete images with a misaccount

Manipulating is easy. Simply reframe an image to remove information that "annoying". It's the case of Einstein's iconic image taking out the tongue, who doesn't respond to a sympathetic portrait of the scientist, responds to an airy attitude after "running away" from paparazzi in a friend's car. Along with one detail, it was genius's birthday, right off a party they prepared for him. I was tired..

Einstein tongue. Arthur Sasse, 1951

Einstein tongue. Arthur Sasse, 1951

GRelatos published on 6 April 2019

When beauty hides drama

Conflict zones are a regular place for the most daring photographers. The Greek professional from the Reuters agency, Yannis Behrakis, got a Pulitzer with this stunning image of a raft crowded with Syrian refugees fleeing war and hunger in the Aegean.

Migrant crisis. Yannis Behrakis (Reuters), 2015⁣

Migrant crisis. Yannis Behrakis (Reuters), 2015

GRelatos published on 16 October 2019

Naked nature, the most stunning images

Often you only need a good camera and the patience to wait for a moment that can mean many hours of observation. Like this incredible series of images of Daniel Biber of starlings creating bird shapes in Sant Pere Pescador, and that earned him a Sony World Photography Award in 2018.

The impressive drawings of the starlings in Sant Pere Pescador. Daniel Biber, 2016

The impressive drawings of the starlings in Sant Pere Pescador. Daniel Biber, 2016

I advise to see the full series: GRelatos published on 7 June 2019

The new photographers

Social media has been the cradle of new photographers, some of them using smartphones to do their job. They've found a style of their own., a way to tell their stories. I'm struck by the work of two photographers.

Maria Marie in #GRelatos in pictures

Maria Marie, pastel hues

GRelatos published on 20 February 2020.

On the one hand, the Mexican based in London Mayoli Vazquez (Maria Marie), whose beautifully studied pastel images have created school.

Cristina Otero, stories in pictures

Cristina Otero (Galicia), unique self-portraits

#GRelatos published on 15 February 2020.

And elsewhere Cristina Otero (Pontevedra, 1995), than with just 15 years made their first solo exhibition, becoming the youngest artist in Spain to do so in an art gallery. His style is colorful, Hard, direct, very interesting.










The image and the personal brand, connection points

I usually count in my formations that the images we publish of our daily life are not innocent. Or at least, are not consciously innocent. They say a lot about us..

Let's be frank, it's hard to explain our values. It's better to pass them on, in a natural way. Explaining who we are is important. And I think that today it is even more important and valuable to convey how we are. What moves us, what motivates us.

Seeing some pictures on an Instagram profile, I can figure out what a person is like, And I think that's wonderful.

If you do nothing but repeat phrases from others, I'll know he's someone with few ideas of his own, or maybe afraid to express them. If you generate self-reflections that help others cope, I'll know it's a guide, a sherpa. If you give us beautiful pictures, I'll know it's someone sensitive, broad-looking. If you post curiosities you find in your daily routine, I'll know it's someone curious, with a sense of humor.

People who share their sports images convey their planning character, Disciplined, effort, resilience. If they share family images, transmit their pride and love for their loved ones. If they share only selfies, we'll know that there may be some emotional deprivation. Everything communicates. Everything leaves a brand. And our images have the power to tell a lot about us.

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#TheBrandBoat The Ultimate Madness: a Personal Brand workshop during a Mediterranean cruise

#TheBrandBoat is a product of Steve Jobs' philosophy of life that surose with the famous phrase "Stay hungry, stay foolish" in his speech at Stanford.

The idea of holding a workshop Personal Branding aboard a running cruise is great, was from Elia Brosed, one of the best travel managers on the planet.

And the idea of putting it into practice (you know, from the saying to the fact), of Eva Collado. The idea to grow madness, of Laura Chica. Anyway, in my role as advertising, I put the branding stuff. And there it is.

If you have little time, I'll sum it up in a minute.

The first question about #TheBrandBoat: and why not?

I've always liked the challenge of a what so why not? about curiosity or doubt of what?

And why not? helps you break down barriers, Brakes, prejudices... on a boat? In November? isn't it cold? and working? and on holiday?

Why not. From 3 to 6 November. A date that is a clear advantage for the price. Low season in our Mediterranean for a leading luxury cruise company like MSC. Right after a bridge 1 November, a small extension.

Cold? The average temperature in Barcelona and Genoa at the beginning of November is a maximum of 18o and minimums of 12o. Soft, not very cold. Agitated, but not removed.

Working and on vacation. Well, rather, training in your personal development while enjoying a vacation cruise. Travacaciones, calls it Pedro Rojas.

The workshop #TheBrandBoat

I think the advantage of a workshop away from the worldly noise is obvious. You're relaxing, you better absorb knowledge, you concentrate better.

The workshop is a tour of the Personal Branding' Iceberg, the three pillars of the personal branding process (known as Personal Branding): self-knowledge, and visibility strategy. Each part has a trainer who leads the section, And so we have:

Training team #TheBrandBoat

Know-You with Laura Chica. Approx. 5 hours

Who better than a psychologist and coach for help you connect with you, to identify which brand you project to others (and on Google) and define a SWOT personal.

Here we work the basics of the brand, the starting point, yes, Who am I? and Where am I? Without this information it is frankly difficult to "pass screen" and jump to the next stage of the tour, it's like the foundations of a building: you don't see but without them everything falls down.

Develop-You with Guillem Recolons. Approx. 5 hours

The second part of the workshop delves into personal strategy. In defining the purpose, yes, objective. In working what makes us unique and valuable: the value proposition.

And very important, working the business model personal, to analyze its compatibility with the corporate business model. And how not, to define the messages. Here we work to answer the question where do I want to get?

Market-You with Eva Collado. Approx. 5 hours

And the third question is twofold how can I get? and Am I coming? This section of visibility and KPI's measurement is run by Eva Collado. And here everything is based on the premise that without communicating there is no possibility of being found, valued and chosen.

Eva dominates like few digital environment, so this part is perfect for those who need to improve their presence, essence and networking in social networks. And also for those who want to measure their effectiveness.

The Virtuous MSC

MSC Virtuosa #TheBrandBoat

Source: MSC Cruises

It's one of MSC's star ships.. And best of all, tell us that we will debut the ship on 3 November coinciding with the first edition of #TheBrandBoat. The truth is that these kinds of cruises have it all. They're real hotels crossing the sea.

I am struck by the finishes of the cabins, Facilities, the idea that it acts Cirque du Soleil. The fact that the price includes everything, full board, Drinks, Sure, Rates, and what makes this event exclusive: 15 hours of training.

The cruise departs from the port and Barcelona and makes stopovers in Marseille and Genoa, Mediterranean essence.

Prices, Reservations, questions

All the information you can find on the web #TheBrandBoat. Reservations are accepted until mid-March 2020, are the conditions of the special price offer of MSC Cruises. You'll see there are three price options depending on the type of cabin.

And something important: reservations must be formalized at the latest 15 of March 2020. Cheer up! We will wait for you!

Edelman Trust 2020: Trust is built on ethics and competence

As is customary at these dates, a few days ago, Edelman Trust 2019 published his annual confidence report, the barometer Edelman Trust 2020. And as usual in this blog, I summarize the key points that affect personal branding, corporate brand and the opportunities that emerge from the barometer.

See also:

If you have little time, I invite you to watch this video-summary:

Edelman Trust data sheet 2020

Online survey conducted in 28 countries. More of 34.000 respondents in total. Fieldwork carried out between the 19 October and the 18 November 2019.

It has differentiated between the general public and the informed public. There is some bias towards a higher proportion of Generation Z (18 to 24 years old ) with a total of 280 interviews.

For whom is trust relevant today?

  • For Consumers and for Risk Resilience: Trusted companies have stronger buyers and consumer advocates
  • For Employees and for the Market: Trust drives workplace recommendations
  • For Regulators, Investors and media coverage : Trusted companies are more licensed to operate

A growing sense of inequity looms

There is the paradox that the informed public is more confident than the general population, with a difference in 14 points. In the case of Spain, for example, the informed public gives an approved to the general confidence (59%), while the general suspends her with 42%, with a "gap" of 17 points difference.

This inequity is further evident in trust in NGOs and companies (70% informed public vs 55%). And in government and media there is also distance, where the informed public places their trust, while the general public clearly distrusts.

Edelman Trust Inequity 2020

Source: Edelman Trust 2020

Trust in capitalism, in question

A risk appears in the confidence in the system. For the first time, the rate of distrust of this form of organization outweighs trust with 56%.

Inequity is a germ that causes that mistrust against a way of life that seems to need to be reinvented.

Capitalism under the magnifying glass

Source: Edelman Trust 2020

Are we ready for the future of work?

Well, according to Edelman Trust 2020, everything points to that it doesn't. A 83% respondents express fear of losing their jobs due to one of the following reasons:

  • Increased "freelance" demand on a Gig-Economy model (economy on demand) 61%
  • Imminent recession 60%
  • Poor skills training 58%
  • Cheaper foreign competitors 55%
  • Immigrants working for less 54%
  • Automation 53%
  • Jobs moving to other countries 50%

Respondents also point that technological advancement outweighs them. That's it, in my view, we should also see it as an opportunity to learn (there's no age, just attitude) and overcome the fears of something as inevitable and convenient as improving and advancing technology.

The formula of trust: ethic + skills

This is the great contribution Edelman Trust 2020: being competent is not enough. Being just ethical, neither. The study ethically refers to elements such as sense, purpose, true values. They refer to the People priority – Planet – Benefits I talked about a few weeks ago in this blog in the post Leadership, vulnerability and personal brand.

graphic no institution is ethical and competent at the same time

Source: Edelman Trust 2020

As seen on the chart, there is no single institution that meets both premises: ethics and competencies. NGOs carry ethics in their DNA, but they can't be competent enough to solve the problems of this world. On the other hand, companies approve in competitions, but their lack of values and ethics puts them in check.

So much public administrations as media suspend clearly by not reaching any of the trust-generating premises.

Ethical drivers are 3 more important to the company's trust than the competition

And if that was not enough, it's not that ethics is important, but it's three times more important, at least for companies.

eticos drivers 3 times more important than competitions

Source: Edelman Trust 2020

Ask yourself a question do you think your company, or the company you work for is putting ethics ahead?

Integrity, reliability and purpose are the ethical armament of the 76% preferable to respondents over their own competencies, with a 24%.

And let's be clear that here it's not about tomorrow the company decides that its values are integrity and reliability and writes a purpose. It's about a cultural change Full, something that could explain very well Christian Fernández, Director of People and Culture of Andorra Telecom.

Employees and customers, priority stakeholders

Many companies keep repeating that they are due to their customers. But the reality is that they act driven by the interests of shareholders.

employees and customers first

Source: Edelman Trust 2020

The graph shows how people equally value respect for two priority stakeholders: employees and customers. Instead, shareholders and communities should not be responsible for key decisions of organizations.

Public-private collaboration, necessary in employment

private public collaboration needed

Source: Edelman Trust

Collaboration between companies and administrations is estimated to be much needed to avoid a debacle in the use derived from the gig-economy and automation. Particularly sensitive sectors will be public servants and businesses. But it is estimated that it is the companies that will have to lead the training.

And how ethical binomial-competitions affect personal branding

As the study's own interpretation in personal brand key, I highlight the following points:

  • Managing our brand is more important than ever, either outside or within organizations. Our values are real, undesigned, and can help institutions (NGO's, Business, administrations and media) to humanize their messages and make sense of their purposes.
  • The internal influencer or "emfluence" conveys the company's values and purpose better than the external influencer. First because he knows those values and purpose better than anyone. And secondly because he also knows the attributes of the brands of the organization like no one. That's it, for me, a branding appeal to all organizations that have not defined their "brand purpose" and vital elements such as Employer Value Proposition, why employees and outsiders should trust that brand.
  • The programs of employee advocacy programs must put the communication of values and purpose ahead. Many consumers are worrying about issues such as whether the product has respected the age and fairness of workers, working conditions...
  • The CEO should be the spearhead of the personal brand in the corporate sphere. The study shows that the CEO of the organizations must face it more than ever. And from what I see in personal branding training programs, many managers are absent when should be the first participants.

There is much more information in the Edelman Trust's PDF executive summary 2020.

Stock Photos from Atstock Productions / Shutterstock

Information of interest

Personal Branding and RRSS ONLINE College Course

The University of Vic already has the registration open for the specialization course in Personal Branding and Social Networks. Is 100% online and is equivalent to 23 UCTS credits, priced at 1.750 euros.

The start date is the 27 February 2020 and ends the 31 July 2020.

Content creators and teachers are Helena Casas And I. Here you will find the information to formalize tuition, And here to get a 5% off. We will wait for you!

The best of 2019 Personal Branding

This is my last post of the year, and it's time to take stock of the best of 2019 trends. Articles, books, events, videos, ideas…

2019 I thought it was an excellent year, where they've emerged new professionals and have consolidated new formats.

In terms of content, has been such the avalanche of fake "experts" in personal branding, that there has been a lot of talk again about the foundations of the personal brand and its management process, Personal branding.

Separating the grain from the straw is getting a little more complicated, as many naive people are seduced by young "gurus" of 20 year-olds who promise to make millions as they tell it in a pompous video on Instagram uploaded to the hood of a Ferrari.

Also the decision of some social networks eliminate likes will change the way many people will "consume" networks, giving more importance to the fund than to the form.

I agree with Neus Arqués that the verb of the year has been "reinventing”, which puts The Staff Branding in a very advantageous position.

If you have little time, I invite you to watch this one-minute summary video:

The best of 2019 -the way I look at it, of course- Personal Branding

It will be the four year in which I compile these contents. As I did in the balance of the year 2016, that of 2017 and that of 2018, and that ended up becoming the most read of the season.

37 personally branded items you can't overlook

Go ahead that the order of the articles is irrelevant.

1- do not give much importance. Elena Arnaiz

There are few such exquisite ways of talking about the value proposition through a painful and necessary reflection like "don't get so important". We tend to think that this personal brand is about talking about us, of our pompous titles, our experience. Elena on the nail; this staff branding thing is talking about how you're going to improve the life you're in front of.

2- Five reasons you don't sell. Francisco Alcaide

Paco it's direct, Incisor: "Life is about to sell. You know you're doing things right when you're selling: you're either selling or you're failing”. In the post, reviews product, branding, visibility, communication and networking as possible reasons that prevent you from being able to sell what you offer. To expand each of the five points, facilitates reinforcement links.

3- Do you give enough importance to your talent? Paloma Grijota

Following a trip to Finland, Pigeon discovered that Finns are very proud of their landscapes and their country, but they don't think this matters to those out there. This is the trigger of a post that delves into the need to believe our talent to project it in the best way, avoiding a social compliance syndrome such as the one derived from Solomon Asch experiment.

4- How to make life easier for people (and get hired or count on you). David Barreda

How do you know if you read this blog frequently, I have a weakness for everything related to the value proposition. And here, David he treats her like everything he does, accurately, rigor and creativity. True, many have a hard time identifying what I call "the relevant difference", and David proposes to find the solution by defining the kind of work we do, the problems we solve and the joys we bring.

5- 20 ideas about communication to consider in 2020. Cristina Aced

In this compilation, Cristina deals with issues related to: internal communication, liquid communication, branded content, digital narratives, storytelling transmedia, Personal Branding, employee advocacy programs, influencers and big data / artificial intelligence. He also talks about polarization in social media: or they love you or they hate you. In each of the themes, Cristina provides us with valuable links to know more.

6- Personal brand: what still holds you back. Andrés Pérez Ortega

Good post Andrés that starts from a simple and somewhat hurtful idea: what slows the development of our personal brand is within us. You don't have to look it out. And he's right., that's solved with a full-fledd SDAF. It holds us back to comfort, we think that branding is left for companies, we suffered fear of standing out, also to change. Definitely, it seems that we've decided not to increase our options, nor our ability to choose and, therefore our FREEDOM.

7- Transformative learning environments. Transiting maturities. Laura Rosillo

Laura continues to illuminate the path of professionals senior, putting them in value and giving them strategic lines and tools to combat ageism. In this post, very brief, the author is about the topic that with age decreases “fluid intelligence” (the one that helps us solve new problems) and the call increases “crystallized intelligence” (which refers to our mastery of a particular subject matter).

8- Why be highly effective? Pablo Adán says

Following the preparation of his new book "SOS, I have a toxic boss" that we talked about later, Pablo an interesting dilemma arises. Analyze the 7 principles of highly effective people Covey and confronts them with the highly toxic leader. Not only that, it simulates a toxic boss's reading of each of the 7 Covey's principles, tailored to it and according to that altered inner look.

9- Without a community of real influence, your Personal Brand can't move forward. Eva Collado

How right my colleague is -- and yet friend- Eva by highlighting the importance of choosing our fellow travelers. The old African proverb says it: alone we got there before, accompanied we got further. In this post, very complete, the author deals with mistakes that prevent creating a community of influence. It also gives the keys a community of authentic and real influence, and much more.

10- In defense of personal branding. Vladimir Estrada

More than a post, it's a rehearsal, sort of a doctoral thesis. The Professor Estrada is the living hemerothek of personal branding, and maybe one of the most memory-minded people I've ever met. I had the pleasure of seating with him for a few hours in Santiago (Dominican Republic) and confirm that this is someone exceptional. These posts, published in Soymimarca, are the answer to an article by his Cuban compatriot Amalio Rey.

11- Personal brand: how to empower it by creating and managing communities on Twitter? Ylse Roa

Ylse doesn't write much on his blog, But when he does, marring. This is a master-post of the best I have ever read about Twitter management and its advantages for our personal brand. It's a personal journey to immerse yourself in the virtual community, in the keys to strategic management of Twitter. It also deals with what shouldn't be done there, and he explains it with infographics.

12- Personal Branding World. Fran Segarra

Fran is a generous person. If you still doubt it, read this post. The author gives a tool to all those who, from anywhere in the world, want to find a consultant at Personal Branding. Or for those "of the tribe" who want to find a colleague for collaborative work. To this end, what better than to create a map that places all the specialists in Spain and LATAM.

13- Reinvention and Personal Branding. Neus Arques

Brief but full of intensity, this post Nose delve into a great idea: We don't have to be faithful to the person we were. You don't need to build the museum of our personal brand. Our brand evolves with us and we choose how. Don't you think it's a powerful idea? And I don't think this is against coherence. When I see a friend after 20 years old , I don't expect to see the same person.

14- Disruption. Enrique Cejudo

If this were the Oscars, Enrique would certainly be the revelation actor 2019. As an expert in job orientation, the personal branding subject passed it with honor senrols. In this post, the author remembers that some obsess edising to be original, when what really matters is being helpful. Disruption yes, But meaningfully, with value proposition, offering something useful, not "disruption".

15- How to explain that you want to change and show your potential. Arancha Ruiz

Sometimes it's not about fear of change, but pure ignorance of the process. In this post, Arancha analyses the reasons for the frustration of certain candidates when they don't perform well with the competencies, with the experience or values that companies seek. And he invites us to try "other boxes", putting some interesting examples of well-known people who looked like they were typecast.

16- Being an Attitude, Being the Future. Ivan Diaz

The Soul of Grávita, Ivan Diaz, has achieved with its fresh and valuable language the blog award for the best blog for Branzai. In this post, the author analyses attitudes, goals, and how a brand has got half the world to recite "There is no planet B", Ecoalf's tagline. People can also champion a powerful idea and transfer it to society for a contagious effect.

17- Vulnerability and Creativity: The most personal of your brand. Cristina Mulero

"No creativity without vulnerability". And from that idea, Cristina develops an argument whereby we won't be able to offer that which really makes us unique if we don't let our creativity emerge, And this is only possible, through vulnerability. I could not agree more, This is vulnerability is already the secret quality of the new leadership.

18- Employer Branding and Personal Branding: An Inseparable Union. Hector Jimenez

Hector usually discuss the topics of his personal brand blog with the authority of experience. In this article, has joined two ideas that should never be considered separate: employer branding as a human capital loyalty strategy, and personal brand. Organizations need people to make sense of corporate values and the connection with markets.

19- Take care of your brand health. Paula Fernández-Ochoa

I'd say 2019 has consolidated Paula as one of the leading experts in Legal Marketing and Personal Branding in high-competition environments. In the background a career is a career in the background, contemplating stage victories but also low moments. In the article, Paula draws work stress as one of the big obstacles to jumping in developing a personal brand.

20- Imposter Syndrome. Xavi Roca

After talking Solomon Asch and his experiment on social conformity, Xavi Roca reminds us of a parallel syndrome, also treated by Paloma Grijota in his post mentioned here: the fear of not living up to it, to be unprepared, to not be good enough. To have the feeling of being a fraud, an imposter. Xavi refers to the expert Valerie Young to offer prescriptions that help overcome the syndrome.

21- How social cooling affects your personal brand? Ilana Berenholc

Following Mark Zuckerberg's testimony before the United States Senate on the Cambridge Analytica case, Ilana develops the idea of social cooling. Try that by feeling that they are being watched, people change their behavior. China's new social credit system will target good citizens. We are living a "Black mirror" real, and the author explains how that affects our brand.

22- Principles of a successful personal brand. Oscar Del Santo

Oscar was one of my teachers when I started this personal brand thing. And this post, synthetic but direct, proves I'm not wrong. Defines 4 principles of a brand's success: Part of setting up an attractive and engaging image. Keep building credibility, with generating enthusiasm around yourself and your projects and gaining strategic contacts (or practice networking).

23- How to surf in the economic slowdown, digital transformation and stay on the wave. Marta Mouliaa

This year I have had the honor of meeting personally Marta, and I assure you she's the most generous professional on the network. Especially for those looking for work. In this article, the author answers the question of how are the Administrations responding in Spain, organizations and the people who are part of the economic and social ecosystem to this change from Era?

24- The bad footprint of a personal brand and its dangers. Claudio Inacio

I recognize that this post Cláudio made me think of humanity and its possible extinction. Start with a personal story (the truth, magnificent and exciting) to conclude that we can't say whatever we want. And the author gives us unpayable advice: If what you're going to say isn't true, neither good nor even is not useful, Why are you going to say it? A brief but incisive post, vitamins for the soul.

25- Your purpose, your happiness. Alicia Linares

The activity of Alicia on Monday Happy Monday didn't give him truce, and has only posted a post on his blog this 2019. One, but with enough courage and intellectual burden. to get started, asks us: why not go in search of longed-for happiness if we know how to go to it? And even more can you imagine being able to find what gives you that inner well-being? In that direction, that purpose? With that great why?

26- Do you want to climb to the top of your personal brand? Jordi Collell

In this post, posted on LinkedIn, George part of the idea that our life may seem an insignificance, But it's unique, no one has lived it for us, nor will it, and that's what creates our greatness… and our misery. The author defines the moments of a life that shape our DNA, the one that takes us to the top of our brand, and to do that he recreates some moments of his career.

27- 10 concepts that will make a difference for your personal brand. Nancy Vazquez

Nancy, from Soymimarca's blog, creates a journey of 10 steps to help us differentiate ourselves: Communication, authenticity, Process, Management, humanization, "uniqueness", identity, relations, connection and integration. Each of the processes is accompanied by a insight Powerful. Nancy, just like Jordi, reminds us that every personal brand management case is unique, and requires different efforts.

28- 15 Disney phrases that will help you define your Personal Brand. Nilton Navarro

I must say that only Nilton I could write this article. He is one of the best content curators on the network. 2019 has seen his blog born, something many of us expected. This article is a pause along the way, a verge in the desert. Nilton likes to make things easy and use recognizable hooks, and Disney gives a lot of itself: "Don't let anyone define your limits. The only limit is your soul" (Ratatouille).

29- Talk to the camera: 5 tricks I've learned on TV. Alicia Ro

Alicia writes little on his blog, and when she does it's because she's sure to bring a lot of value. In our personal brand communication phase, who raises his hand who doesn't think he can learn a lot from this woman in his advice in front of a camera. Smile, speak a simple language, use short, simple sentences, be brief and hold your eyes are these keys to communicate.

30- Against digital waste. Joan Clotet

The digital humanist Joan Clotet is one of the greatest experts in personal branding. Each post of your blog is an open window to new opportunities. In this article, based on a letter from 1962, Joan shares jewels like "work is a state, not a place", "Time and attention are money", "Take care not to occupy", "Leaves a good impression by stopping printing", "don't be digital diogenes" or "no one is as good as everyone together".

31- First step in the Personal Brand: The Purpose. Carola Morato

Carola proposes to us that to know the brand we leave we need to first put focus and know our Purpose. And the question here is how to define that purpose, that reason for being, that ikigai. Xavi Roca said in one of his posts on Soymimarca that there are people who do not find that purpose until advanced ages, or even never. As I said Simon Sinek in his TEDx "Golden Circle", why do you wake up every morning?

32- In selection of people, first kindness and then talent: 10 measures to attract workers. Alfonso Alcántara

Well, it was about time someone said it.: First kindness, And then talent. Great post of the few that he gives us every year @yoriento, Alfonso Alcántara's alias. Very useful for those companies that fail to fall in love with their people and attract new candidates. The first step he proposes is to "define and measure happiness in the company", which, although it seems logical, few do.

33- When the complaint sinks you (professionally). Meme Romero

Meme writes a perfect biography of the "hommo quejicus" very abundant in the working environment. Responds to a profile: more of 40 years old , fired from a company, and focuses their conversations on complaints, the excuses, regrets and other series of misfortunes that justify the injustice of his position as unemployed. And the author offers us several strategies to move from complaint to value creation.

34- Drawing ideas, tools for learning, predictions of the future of work. Ricard Lloria

Sometimes I find it hard to spot crazy people like me who enjoy making endless compilations. Ricard it's one of them, great content curator and value contributor. This series of posts offers a huge amount of resources for learning, in a really considerable effort in terms of structure and order of each subject. We could say that the one who doesn't want to learn today is because he doesn't want.

35- What Personal Brand Strategies Can You Apply? Mireya Trias

Mireya is another generous soul of staff branding. Each of your posts is accompanied by the corresponding podcast and also video. In this post the author recommends a set of strategies to manage our personal brand. Meet, tell our story, set goals, identify our target audience, spread our message and customize as much as we can to leave a unique footprint.

36- Personal Brand with Digital Leadership. Ronald Durán

Ronald is one of our digital experts from which we have a lot to learn. In this post, Besides, the author gives us a spectacular and practical infographic that summarizes what a digital brand is and how we should manage leadership in digital environments. The article discusses four phases to achieve this: lead with digitization, hyper-collaboration, identify talent and digital E-Learning.

37- Four keys to simplifying your communication. angels Antón

As a good journalist, to Àngels you are particularly concerned about the area of communication of our personal brand. And in this post, details four key aspects to consider to improve the way we relate. Avoid technicalities, discard abstract terms, use similes and metaphors to simplify and avoid explaining absolutely everything. I could not agree more. And if you don't want to read it, watch it on video.

12 Recommended books

By order of publication date

1- Monetízate. Andrés Pérez Ortega. Alienta, January 2019monetizate book of andres perez ortega

This was the first year release. And with this gone five, that make Andrew the greatest personal brand publishing author. I share Alberto Martínez's review on Amazon: "It is a pleasure to read Andrew, very clear, very direct, very to the point and takes you to immediate action, has helped me a lot above all to make stronger the professional mentality offering his current services vs the employee mentality he had in the past, I recommend it to anyone who wants an effective guide to monetize your life experience."

2- El mundo cambia, ¿y tú?. Eva Collado Durán. Alienta, March 2019 El mundo cambia, ¿y tú? Eva Collado

Eva introduced her second book in a big way after "Marca eres tú” (Rasche, 2015). I adhere to the review of the great Victor Candel: "A lot is talked about digitization and digital transformation today, focusing exclusively on process automation, acquisition of technology or tools, and ignoring what's really important, that this is a process of managing people's change.

Eva's book helps the reader learn about the changes that have occurred in recent years in the labor market and companies, how to manage and deal with this change as a professional, and to know what skills are required today from a professional to be able to develop them. A practical book, easy to read and close language that I'm sure will become a new bestseller of Encourage."

3- Y tú, ¿qué marca eres?: 20 keys to managing your personal reputation. Neus Arques. Alienta, April 2019 And you what brand you are? Neus Arques

A revised and expanded edition of Neus' original 2005, that make her the first author to publish about personal brand in Spanish. I subscribe to the review of Andrés Pérez Ortega:

"Neus opened a path that others simply follow. Fifteen years ago, brand and person associate turned you into a kind of Evil Doctor who intended to cosify humans. But Neus got the opposite., customize to brands.

Today, his book And you, ¿qué marca eres? remains a reference and has not lost an inch of value to those of us who are dedicated to this. That's what happens when you extract the essence and don't stay on the surface."

4- The 12 only ways to attract customers. Monica Mendoza. Alienta, April 2019 The 12 unique ways to attract customers by Monica Mendoza

Monica's third book talks about what she dominates like no one else: sales, emotional intelligence, motivation. I share the review of the announcer Javier Cárdenas:

"Monica's business advice is easily applicable in daily life, and help us analyze and take advantage of the sales market around us that, sometimes, has trick. It has all the commercial and communicative skills that make it a true marketing and sales benchmark".

5- Mundo de Valientes. Ami Bondia. Red circle, April 2019 World of Braves by Ami Bondia

Ami's second book after "Un café con Chan” (Círculo Rojo, August 2015). The author Miguel Angel García Morcillo thus sums up the review of "World of Braves":

"Meeting Ami Bondía is an opportunity for all those people who have given up hope of making their dreams. This book is an example of life experiences and experiences, failures, success, but above all the beauty of the human being. “World of brave people” teaches you what you might be capable of because it offers you all the tools to achieve your goals in this digital age through personal branding, emotional intelligence, positive attitude and great communication. Thank you Ami. I recommend it."

6- SOS. I have a Toxic Chief. Pablo Adán Micó. RC Books, June 2019 SOS I have a toxic boss by Pablo Adan

Pablo, author of "The Challenge" and many other books, wanted to gather his experiences in organizations, and especially identify that style of leadership that so abounds: the toxic chief's.

Everyone we've lived with bosses (or partners) toxics we have always wanted to explain... And we've lacked courage. Paul has studied it thoroughly, has been documented as it always does, and has even launched a little online research to gather more data on this abounding specimen (a 50% of all the bosses are toxic) and that erodes business leadership.

7- I'm ready. Raquel Gómez. Conecta, August 2019 I'm ready by raquel gomez

From Colombia, Rachel's second book after "How to sell your Personal Brand”. The truth is that I've enjoyed your reading, very simple in identifying the problems that hold us back and providing the solutions. I collect the review of Juan David Aristizabal:

“The difference between people who shine and excel who are simply dedicated to surviving in their workplace is that the former are people who make things happen, they're ready because they're being prepared. I'm ready! is a book recommended for all those who want to find answers for their professional reinvention and turn every act of their life into an act of artists, whatever your job and job”.

8- Now or never. Arancha Ruiz. Conecta, October 2019 now or never by arancha ruiz

Arancha's third book addresses fears. So it looks like one more. But it tells our brakes through stories, I would almost say case studies. And that makes it more interesting. In addition, Arancha likes to test the reader with exercises, And they're good. I read Ari Belver's review:

"I loved reading it. It explains in a very easy and clear way which brakes limit us and which levers we can use to act and ask. Stories catch you. You look very well known in one of them. It doesn't leave you indifferent."

9- Scary-Stypt Hypoline. Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo. Empresa Activa, October 2019 hypoline removesmiedos by natalia gomez del pozuelo

I must confess that Natalia she's one of my favorite writers. This time it has tried a new format: it's a comic book and it's a rehearsal. They can be consumed at the same time, or first one format and at the end of the other. It's also about fears. I agree with Bruno Ruiz-Nicoli's review:

"I worked for years in a multinational and have seen myself identified more than once in the episodes that the book talks about. Because who hasn't ever screwed up in a project or a presentation to a client? The book illustrates and dismantles these processes, reactions and judgments, and provides tools to manage them."

10- The four steps. Jordi Collell. Profit, November 2019 the four steps by jordi collell

Jordi's second book starts with a mantra: each trip begins by climbing a first step. Jordi develops the process of managing a personal brand through the history of Martín.

Martin wants to run for mayor, but because of his absence from the village for a long time, is a perfect stranger. That turns story into a full-blown professional reinvention.

11- Fourth and half contacts. Juan Martínez de Salinas. Rasche, November 2019 fourth and half contacts by juan martinez

He hadn't finished presenting his first book "Exercise Your Talent", Juan had to face the release of this dedicated work 100% networking.

I agree with Elena in her assessment: "Frequently, we hear that a big part of good access to the labour market is managing our network of contacts. But we don't know exactly how to start management, who to contact, what message to convey and how to structure it.

Juan Martínez de Salinas explains in great detail how to start , Plan, structure and organize the management of our network of contacts. What message and how to say it. A must-have guide, very well structured. To buy, read and have at home, without a doubt."

12- Dream like Luther King, talks like Obama, command without command and be yourself. Luis Bassat. Editorial Platform, January 2020 dreams as luther king by luis bassat

Advertisers always like to defy logic, and from here to my old boss, Luis Bassat, created a title as long as it is powerful and evocative. It was the surprise of the Christmas holidays to receive an anonymous package in the office, open it and discover this little work of art by one of the greats of communication.

The book contains a generous epilogue (A 60 pages) And awesome, by Vicen-Villatoro, a little gem that complements a work -- for me- Paradox (even if the author does not mention it). And there are other surprises, like the many testimonies of professionals that Louis "commanded without command".

3 recommended ebooks

1- Workbook de Personal Branding. Cláudio Inácio and Andrés Pérez Ortega workbook personal branding by claudio inacio y andres perez ortega

This is not a theoretical manual, is an exercise manual where the creators of Street Personal Branding have turned their knowledge in a practical way so that whoever reads the workbook can just take action.

Although it has a symbolic cost, investment is profitable, as the exercises lead directly to the implementation of an operational plan for the management of the personal brand.

2- Employee Advocacy programs: Los embajadores de marca de la casa. Guillem Recolons Employee Advocacy by Guillem Recolons

This ebook, for free download, it's useful for companies that want to find new ways to build their talent, attract the new, and clearly improve the scope and engagement of your corporate communication.

It collects five articles published by me on the blog Integra Personal Branding, and compiled into an edition prologated by Nancy Vazquez you can download by subscription to my blog on this link.

3- Nine: Let your talent flow. Soymimarca, several authors Nine, let your talent flow by soymimarca

Soymimarca already publishes its ninth compilation ebook with the highlighted posts of the year. This time, the prologue is by Elena Arnaiz, and Vladimir Estrada participate, Fran Segarra, Pablo Adán says, Guillem Recolons, Nancy Vazquez, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Eva Collado and María A. Sánchez.

It is obtained in free download by subscription to the Blog Soymimarca in this link. By the way, from Soymimarca we are asking if you think it's a good idea that the edition of the 10 years old , to the 2020, be printed. you care to answer this short survey?

The take-off of the live video

As I was already advancing in previous years, the video is imposed. And the take-off of the live video is unbeatable. If it's been a while Alex Lopez got ahead of everyone with their live periscope/Twitter on Sunday afternoons, now we find many who have been animated with the format.

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski in her direct on Linkedin

Natalia WiechowskiI followed with great interest this Polish sociologist based in Germany, that gives us a few direct but great value in Linkedin. I recommend following it so that this network warns you every time it goes live.

Your specialty: personal branding, aimed especially at coaches and consultants, and with very particular and valuable advice. It emits in a fluid and very easy to understand English, and answers all the comments and questions that can be asked through the chat. A discovery. Congratulations, Natalia!

Two events that are already a classic in Personal Branding

PBEX, Personal Branding Experience 2019

Daniela Viek is the creator of this personal branding congress. Initially in Portuguese, in the edition 2018 moved to Mexico. And this 2019 has unfolded, conducting non-simultaneous events in Brazil (presential) and Mexico (online).

This year I had the honor of participating with Alan Urbina, Nancy Vazquez, Daniela Viek, Gaby Alviso, Gustavo Nolasco, Esteban Villagómez, Xiomara Zetina, Mayte Calva and Leo Larrea. Being a private paid event, we don't have any links available from the interventions.

Personal Branding Lab Day 2019: Boosting your personal brand

The 14 December came the 5th edition of the congress, with participation of about 60 people between papers, roundtables and short-format videos. Masterfully driven by Alicia Ro and Nilton Navarro. Moved in networks impeccably by Francis Garcia Cedeño, Javi Layunta, Heidi Mora and Cristina Ballester.

This time, the operations center was Infojobs' new office in Barcelona. It was a memorable day, where the roundtable format was released, very interesting to get to know in depth different views on a topic.

Here we have the table of participants:

Personal Branding Lab Day Participants 2019

And here's the video that collects the presentations and round tables:

And also don't forget to check the Personal Branding Lab Day YouTube channel to see the 30 short videos that add a lot of value to congress.

All interventions, one by one:

  1. Africa Lucena compares to Marie Kondo (the magic of order) with the personal brand
  2. Alan Urbina Tried the importance of soft skills in personal branding
  3. Alex Duran talked about the reasons justifying aversion to personal branding
  4. Alex Lopez He told us about the top five points to prospect and sell on Linkedin
  5. Alicia Linares He told us about leadership and personal branding
  6. Alfonso Alcántara dealt with the way motivate the professionals of an organization
  7. Alfredo Vela dealt with 10 transformations that every professional should undertake
  8. Almudena Lobato titled his intervention “Your personal brand talks about you”
  9. Amalia Lopez Sidewalk I'm talking about personal branding for public administration professionals
  10. Ami Bondia invited us to live bravely in the digital age
  11. Andrés Pérez Ortega treated the personal brand as a marketing tool
  12. angels Antón talked about 3 tricks to adapt your personal brand to the new challenges of the S. XXI
  13. Arancha Ruiz encouraged us to boost our brand, Now or never!
  14. Carola Morato talked about that working personal brand in the company doesn't just benefit the employee
  15. Claudio Inacio He told us about how a blog can help us boost our brand
  16. Daniela Viek He told us about how to have a strong personal brand in a liquid world
  17. David Barreda dealt with a novel issue: Sustainable Personal Branding (with the person)
  18. Enrique Cejudo tells us a very personal story about Valverde del Camino and Uncle Chechu
  19. Fran Segarra dealt with the how to work introspection on a personal brandstrategy
  20. Gabriel Patrizzi stated that a reliable personal brand must be generating own content
  21. Hector Jimenez talked about the need to work together to raise the level of professionalism
  22. Helena Casas told us about the Solomon Asch on social compliance
  23. Ilana Berenholc explained how to manage our professional image 4.0
  24. Jane's Trunk unveiled the way give feedback to be a leader
  25. Javier Zamora talked about how professionals outside the sport manage their brand
  26. Johnny Durán talked about 5 keys to enhancing our personal brand in a holistic way
  27. Jordi Collell told us about his new personal brand book, “The four steps”
  28. Juan Martinez tried to how to boost our brand while you're looking for a job
  29. Laura Chica told us about the balance between who we are and what we do
  30. Laura Ferrera try 10 questions that will help you boost your personal brand
  31. Mar Castro dealt with the Netiquette, presence, authenticity and consistency in the network
  32. Mario López Guerrero He told us about the idea of jumping for visibility and turning it into relationships
  33. Meme Romero told us about the more widespread myths about personal branding
  34. REDONDA TABLE 1: Joan Clotet, Elena Arnaiz, Eva Collado, Celia Hil and Guillem Recolons: Boost your brand so robots don't dominate you
  35. REDONDA TABLE 2: Cristina Mulero, Guzman Martinez, María A. Sánchez, Fabián González: Personal brand vs Digital Marketing
  36. Mireya Trias responds to Do you know how to position your personal brand properly?
  37. Monica Mendoza Tried how to sell our personal brand
  38. Nancy Vazquez He told us about increase the value of our personal brand
  39. Neus Arques developed his talk around the brand of creative people
  40. Pablo Adán says recommends us maintain a critical spirit with positivism
  41. Paula Fernández-Ochoa dealt with its star theme: how to take care of the health of our brand
  42. Raquel Gómez wondered: When a professional can say I'm ready!
  43. Raquel Roca He told us about why and why of the generation of our personal branding
  44. dew Ames tried to the importance of networking
  45. Ronald Durán asks us how we want to be remembered and why
  46. Rubén Montesinos He told us about the need to be good… And look like it
  47. Silvia Saucedo Tried 3 actions to avoid to boost personal branding
  48. Vladimir Estrada I was speechless, we shared a PPT “You are right, we are brands”
  49. Xavi Roca titled his talk with the name of his book: Desmárcate
  50. Ylse Roa He told us about opportunities to be visible, recognized and chosen

The 14 most read post 2019

Between the 52 post to the public each year, they represent (dispensing with Google Analytics) the best of 2019 Personal Branding in my digital home. happy reading!

  1. brands, increasingly personal
  2. Por qué la combinación de Employee Advocacy y Social Selling es imbatible para la empresa
  3. Getting an invisible personal brand
  4. #ExecutiveBranding Three types of managers according to their visibility
  5. 10 ideas worth spreading (10 speakers, better)
  6. What drives social conformity? (Asch's experiment)
  7. Your digital identity is not created, it reflects
  8. Hello Company did you know that your people are your brand?
  9. Personal storytelling: how far should I expose myself on social media?
  10. 18 books in Spanish to effectively manage your personal brand
  11. C'mon, What's going on in Spain with the seniors?
  12. Is there a recession coming? it's the best time to stop being a white mark
  13. Personal Branding and Linkedin: made for each other
  14. Trends: 2020 Personal Branding

I hope this article: “The best of 2019 trends" has been helpful to you. If you think I've left any important articles or information on this subject, i beg you to tell me in the contact section.

I'll meet you next week with the post. "The worst thing about 2019 trends”.

The impulse of social conscience and personal brand

A week ago I wrote down the article Trends: 2020 Personal Branding seven of which for me will be the most relevant trends for 2020.

And I've set out to develop each of these trends during 7 weeks, starting with one of the ones I think can change things: the momentum of the social conscience.

As an introductory note, This is Consciousness with long boring “.” is the ability of the human being to perceive reality and recognize himself in it, whereas the Consciousness is the moral knowledge of what is right and what is wrong.

If you have little time, I invite you to watch this one-minute video summary:

The great threat of a world without a conscience:

When they are met 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall, today there are world leaders who advocate the creation of other walls. We know that as involution.

But the threat doesn't just come from politics. Some companies, and their leaders, have contributed to that threat through Discrimination, lack of confidentiality, lack of commitment, social control... Some examples:

  • Century-old American Wells Fargo betrayed her audience's trust by creating millions of fake accounts on behalf of their customers to multiply their profits.
  • Dieselgate. Although the problem has already been solved, Volkswagen lied for years about the real environmental impact of its diesel cars.
  • Exploitation of people: Some activists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have denounced the activity of armed militias and slavery conditions in mine workers. Mines whose product are components for computer processors. Nintendo is one of the buying companies.

The world needs strong ethical leadership more than ever

Humanity is under threat. The Great Barrier Reef is in danger of being destroyed. We lose a hectare of rainforest every two seconds. The misuse of technology can end security. Great powers are turning to the nuclear rearmament. The social inequality due to a poor distribution of wealth is polarizing society.

These are the great challenges of the great leaders, include social awareness in their programs. And we're not just talking about political leaders, but of the great entrepreneurs who have in their hand to change the way they produce. And also of the large media groups that can apply ethics in their way of explaining what is happening.

Leaders whose purpose includes social awareness will highlight

And they won't just stand out, but will lead the organization and its brands to apply that purpose. We need more leaders like the one responsible for the dairy company the Beech, Christopher Columbus Palasían, that has created a successful business ecosystem from people with psychic disabilities.

"We're not here to make yoghurts, but for our workers to have a more dignified life". Christopher Columbus Palasían

Don't miss his story:

It is customary to worship the entrepreneurs who generate the most economic benefits, but we forget those who bet that our planet is a better place. The Melinda Foundation & Bill Gates has helped eradicate fearsome polio in many underdeveloped countries. Money doesn't make the world better, initiatives to invest it in social improvements yes.

The new leaders will be those who empathia with refugees, with global warming, with social injustice, those who apply social awareness.

Professionals want to work on something meaningful, with a purpose beyond profit

And it doesn't all come down to the great leaders. Each of us can contribute to greater social awareness. New employees, millennials and centennials, want to develop their careers in companies and projects with meaning, purposefully.

The new one employer branding must evolve. It is no longer just about improving the conditions of the worker, also from the environment in which we all live.

Social awareness and personal branding

The value proposition shows a path to project our personal brand, through a benefit to a customer and a different way of raising it. But in the years to come, this proposal will not be the only key factor by which we will be elected or we'll leave a legacy.

Adopting social awareness in our management of Personal Branding it's not just a differentiating factor, it's also a commitment with what's around us.

Everyone in their own way can bring value and awareness, and thus achieve an inner satisfaction and a projection that makes us better as people.

Editorial news: Scary Hypoline

Hypoline Fear Remover in guillemrecolons.comI already have in my hands Hypoline Removals, a delicious comic written by my friend Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo, illustrated by Evaduna and published by Empresa Activa (2019).

Natalia is "on fire" publishing easy-to-read books, that help us in areas like public speaking (Free yourself from the fear of public speaking), manage the Internet and social media (Where do I begin 2.0 and Twitter for clumsy), manage leadership as parents or as bosses (Good father, best boss). We are also happy many Sunday afternoons with his short but direct novels as The chickpea code and Two out of three.

Hypoline is a bot, a virtual assistant with a mission to help us when we're out of control. It helps us face our fears. It's fun the way to "consume the comic". You can read the comic and then the essay, or the other way around. A marvel.

Personal Branding Experiencie Mexico 2019

This week, the PBEX Mexico, the second Mexican edition of the congress created four years ago by Daniela Viek in Brazil and for the world. Last year it was face-to-face, in Puebla, and this year my partners Integra Personal Branding they've developed it 100% online, according to the new times. I had the honor of giving a little talk about value proposition alongside excellent professionals as Nancy Vazquez, Alan Urbina, Daniela Viek, Gaby Alviso, Mayte Calva, Xiomara Zetina, Esteban Villagómez, Leo Larrea and Gustavo Nolasco.

TEDxEixample has something to tell (And it's important)

Two news:

The first is that the 21 November 2019 took place at the facility Aticco Verdaguer the third #TEDxEixampleSalon of 2019. This time, there were two big protagonists, two speakers who gave the counterpoint to technology and humanity: Alfred Batet speaker and Internet of Things expert. Telematics Engineer by the UPC, Telecommunication engineer from Ramon Llull University and Executive Master, Marketing and Sales specialty by ESADE. Y Joan Vinyets, TED speakerX, People-Based Innovation Expert and DonandMerit Co-Founder. Designer, Anthropologist, and Doctor of Social Communication.

There was a wonderful debate, moderated by Ana Reyes, among the consequences of technological progress (Batet) and the need for greater ethics in implementing these advances, putting people ahead (Vinyets).

TEDxEixample Salon Aticco

Ana Reyes moderating the debate with Joan Vinyets and Alfred Batet

The second news is that of Pau Samo, the organizer (the boss) TEDxEixample announced the date of celebration of the 2020 TEDxEixample, yes, 22 of May 2020 at the Ancient Damm Factory from Barcelona. We'll soon know more details, speakers… I don't need to say that sponsors will be welcome.

It is an honor to be part of this group of volunteers with the aforementioned Ana, Pau, already Robert Ferrer, Helena Casas, Rubén G. Castro, Carmen Gibert, Eva Soto, Alba Espejo, already Oscar (The Clamp) e Irina (Lab Creative Studio).

Newsmaker: We already have a date, agenda and poster for Personal Branding Lab day 2019

Nilton Navarro and Alicia Ro, with my help and jordi Collell's, are finalizing the details of the 5th edition of the Personal Branding Lab Day. This year will be back 100% online, and free, and will take place on Saturday 14 December between 11 and 19h Spanish time (4 and 12h CDMX time).

The central theme is "Boosting your personal brand" and will have (You read it well) 65 professionals between the 17 presentations, the 2 round tables and 35 videos.

Do not miss it, save this link: Webinar Personal Branding Lab Day Link 2019.

Here's the participant chart and the event agenda, which will be sponsored by Infojobs, Blanquerna Comunicació and R.I.., Telepizza, CANARY SEO and Lid Editorial.

Personal Branding Lab Day Participants 2019

Agenda Personal Branding Lab Day 2019

Three Key Values in Political Personal Branding, , or why trust fails

Political Personal Branding? I must admit that my first clients at Personal Branding, on 2006, were active politicians. I'd rather not give names for avoiding stupid typecasting in one option or another. The tailor's wife is the worst clad, now the policy has lost the strategic position of the center and has gone to extremes. That implies the nonsense of the polarization "either you're with me or you're against me".

In this post I'm dealing with the origin of the crises of confidence in politics. If you have little time, here's a one-minute summary video.

Misconception 1 on political branding: Value crisis

We all have values. Some of us have even bothered to find out what they are. Values are universal principles by which we people are governed. They are our secret guide to knowing how to live harmoniously in community and evolve.

There are authors who argue that the values (what I also call super-powers) are innate to the human being. I prefer to think that they are also influenced by our culture, society, family, religion...

How to identify your values

I propose two actions:

  1. Find out the values you project on others
  2. Understand what the core values are for you.

In the first case, you need feedback. You can do it simply through email and spontaneously: Knowing me as you know me, what do you think are my top five values? And you can do it as a "pro", using a Google Form, suggesting 20 values in a list and asking them to choose a maximum of 5. You can extract the values from this page 100 values and their meaning.

In the second case, it's about you selecting the 5 values that for you are inalienable.

Once you have the results of both tests, select the three coincidences and you will already have what we know as pillar values.

The temple of political branding values

Well, in the case of a politician, his/her three pillar values should be leadership, honesty and coherence. This chart, which I use in my personal political branding classes, it's quite clear:

the temple of values pillars in political branding

On the one hand every politician should pursue a goal that went beyond winning an election or making money. The objective, in this case closer to the purpose, should refer to a way of improving society.

For another, at the base of the temple, we have the instruments that the politician will use to achieve that purpose: Connection, dialogue (Program...) and commitment.

And on the other we have the columns, which are the values or principles that manage that dialogue with their audiences (citizens) to achieve purpose.

The stock crisis

The stock crisis, the crisis in political branding, occurs when some of these three pillar values is non-existent or breaks.

  • Without leadership it's impossible to even run as a candidate, leadership is the basis of respect for teams working with politicians and citizens. You may not like Trump., but no one disputes their skills as a leader.
  • Honesty it's transparency. Said the great politician Don Enrique Tierno Galván that politicians' pockets should be glass. You may not have liked the former Uruguayan president. Pepe Mujica, but I'm sure you don't doubt that you honestly and transparently presided over your country.
  • About coherence, I recover the phrase of Walter Riso: "Don't forget to sustain your speech with what you do. Anyone talks, very few act: it's called coherence". For this line they suspend the 90% of politicians with relevant positions. Often because they get carried away by party interests, other times by what the polls say, others by lobbying pressure.

Would you be able to identify 5 politicians who have been true to these three values? I invite you to leave a comment below, and from there we will generate a debate.

Misconception 2 on political branding: the ego is the enemy

Ryan Holiday wrote a small work of art "The ego is the enemy” (Paidós Company, 2017). Beyond recommending his reading, I prefer to advance some keys of the text to avoid the bad side of the ego (there's a good one) with no mood to spoiler:

  • Humble in the Aspirations.
  • Benevolent in the success.
  • Resilient in the failure.

The ego is often the culprit for breaking negotiations, Harmony, leadership, a lot of things in politics. But as Ryan Holiday reminds us, it's also the ego control that has made it easier for Eleanor Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin or Angela Merkel, among others, "will courageously endure misfortune without the ego having made them focus on themselves".

"I have come to politics to change the world". That's how the journey of a policy professional begins. Worthy purpose. At what point do you twist? One of them, is when the ego becomes the obstacle rather than the road. "I'm in politics to line myself, " confessed Vicente Sanz (former secretary general of the People's Party of Valencia in 1990) in a combination of ego and excess sincerity.

Misconception 3 on political branding: forget the customer

Consequence of this (values + ego) is that the politician, and often the party, forget the customer. And they focus on something that the customer is indifferent: win the next election. The customer is the citizen, it's you, we're all.

Managing politics at tweet stroke is dangerous. You may have the advantage of informative immediacy, but the tweet removes the context to leave a headline that, without context, it's explosively dangerous.

The Spanish case

Spain has seen an impressive crisis of political confidence in recent years. According to data from the Centre for Sociological Research (C.I.S.), the situation regarding the concern of Spanish citizens is as follows:

The reading of the chart is diverse. But a key is that the cause of concerns such as unemployment finally looms, corruption or the state of the economy: politicians.

They may pay righteous for sinners, fortunately not all politicians have broken their core values, have acted moved by the ego or forgotten the citizen.

Spain is undergoing a serious process of infantilization of politics, and because of this the main political leaders are unable to sit down and negotiate the best for the citizen. Instead, they just look at the short-term of an election victory. And in the meantime, many laws are still in the swamp, extended and outdated budgets because they can't find majorities to approve them. There's a clear loser: you, US. Citizens.

The case of political stagnation has propelled the publicist and television presenter Risto Mejide to collect signatures to found a new party: yes, PNLH (Worst We Won't). If you get the necessary support, spain may have a view in the future of someone who respects a value system, that doesn't put the ego ahead and that it values The phrase of Charles de Gaulle, Prime Minister of France 1944 and 1946:

I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious to leave in the hands of politicians

Personal Branding político

Let's not lose hope. The personal branding político it can be a way for those who start. In case you know any group of candidates (ideally 20) who really believe in politics with the focus of citizens, send him this infographic, it's from the workshop that we develop hand-in-hand with my Mexican partner Nancy Vazquez. Download it in PDF in good resolution here: Infographic of the Political Personal Branding Workshop.

Infographic workshop personal branding political guillem recolons

Have a nice week!

Stock Photos from hvostik / Shutterstock

18 books in Spanish to effectively manage your personal brand

I must confess, before you get your hopes up, that reading the 18 books in Spanish to effectively manage your personal brand won't make you an expert in personal branding. Practice, for me, It is the other side of the coin, and recognition would be the impetus. . Nor do I consider those who have graduated in architecture as architects until they have successfully designed and built a few works.

What you can achieve by reading all or some of the 18 books in Spanish to effectively manage your personal brand that I propose here is to learn how to self-manage your brand by creating your own roadmap with the best of each work .

Throughout my more than 10 years as consultant, trainer and lecturer in personal branding I have read about 60 books on the subject or as a reinforcement of the subject. These 18 are remarkable in some of their particularities.

For organizational purposes, the good thing about all this is that books do not compete, but that some complete and enrich the knowledge of others. I classify them in the following categories:

  1. Books that outline the context of personal branding
  2. Good handbooks to get you started
  3. Testimonial books "that's how I did it, thats how things happen to me"
  4. Books to reinforce the area of self-knowledge
  5. Books to complete the area of strategy
  6. Books to reinforce the area of visibility
  7. Books focused on the area of employability and professional career
  8. Book to become a specialist in personal branding

I also add an appendix with other books that I have not read, others that I have read but I will comment on another post, ebooks and books not translated into Spanish.

Without further ado, here I begin with the titles of the 18 books in Spanish to effectively manage your personal brand . For me the order of reading is important. That is to say, it's better to start with contexts and end with hyper specialization.

If you have little time, here is a video-summary of 6 minutes:

1.- Books that outline the context of personal branding

He says the Portuguese neuroscientist Antonio Damasio:

To successfully understand the brain factory of the mind and behavior we need to consider their social and cultural context. And this becomes really frightening attempt to. “The error of Descartes” (1994)

Tu futuro es hoy

Tu futuro es hoy. Written by Laura Chica and Francisco Alcaide. Posted by Alienta. First edition, October 2014. Foreword by Eva Collado Durán.

Tu futuro es hoyLaura Chica and Francisco Alcaide have created a simple structure with 40 keys to creating your destiny, each with a dedicated chapter.

Each chapter ends with 5 steps for action and 5 books for l'azione, which means that the book has with 200 steps for action and 200 reference books. And I forgot it, also with 40 rather than inspiring phrases.

The training and experience of Francisco Alcaide in ADE and Laura Chica in psychology and coaching are the key to the thematic richness of the book, that it is not limited to leadership issues, productivity or networking but that enters to fund issues as fear, emotional intelligence, love, sex, happiness and more.

At the end there is a gift that I not wakefulness to do too much "spoiler". Essential.

El mundo cambia, ¿y tú?

El mundo cambia, ¿y tú? Written by Eva Collado Durán. Posted by Alienta. First edition, March 2019. Prologued by Laura girl. Afterword by Carmen Soler Pagán and Sonia Rodriguez Muriel.

the world is changing and you?Key to design your professional future in the digital era. After its publishing baptism with "Brand you" (Rasche, 2016), -and that treatment later- Eva has been to value his experience not only as a human capital but as a great architect of change in organizations, a cultural change that has led to digital change.

Today is not conceived a professional without own 21st century professional competencies, Collado draws perfectly. Easy diagram book, with long boring 5 chapters start with the domain of the environment and ending with a mantra of personal branding: If not to say who you are, others will do it for you.

The book contains the DNA of many professionals who have contributed in different sections (among those who have the honour of being).

I can not hide my special love for this woman, which I consider a friend of the soul, a huge Manager of emotions and an irreplaceable professional. She is Ma.

2.- Good handbooks to get you started

All discipline requires its generic manuals. And in Personal Branding There are some very good and. None is equal to another, that's the wealth that every author prints.

Y tú, ¿qué marca eres?

Y tú, ¿qué marca eres? Written by Neus Arques. Posted by Alienta. First edition, 2007, third revised edition 2019. First book on personal brand published in Spanish.

and you which brands are?Simplicity or death. So would you sum up this book from the "mother of the personal brand". A perfect manual of 20 steps to manage your personal reputation. In this third review, Neus includes the ability to download a handy canvas of personal branding from its website.

Neus invites us to create our "brand notebook" in which go scoring to measure progress book, very light (170 pages) moving towards. At the end, includes an essential bibliography if you want to dedicate yourself to this professionally.

Ad personam, Neus is a prolific writer and a great expert in communication. The approach of and you, ¿qué marca eres? is more brand than staff, and in this I look very identified.

I want to highlight here a book written by entitled Neus Your visibility plan 40+ aimed at those who believe that they are no longer so young, and that is an excellent manual for the senior moment.

Cómo vender tu marca personal

Cómo vender tu marca personal. Written by Raquel Gomez H. Posted by Conecta on 2018 in Colombia. First edition, 2014.

How to sell your personal brand Surely this is one of the first texts edited in Latin America about personal branding. In spite of the "marketiniano" of the title, reading seemed to me one of the best protocol manuals to apply personal brand management for life, to work, at all levels.

I had the fortune to receive the book in hand of the own Raquel (and dedicated) will a few months in Mexico. Raquel, attorney, Coach (and singer, what you read), It is one of the main evangelizing of the goodness of the personal branding career in Colombia and across America.

The structure of the book is based on the professional image as the own brand, This is the strategy and goes into labor, new technologies and events. The annexes are not to be missed, examples of cards for moments of working life. And a great gift: the legacy of the personal brand with businessman Arturo Calle.


Desmárcate. Written by Xavi Roca. Posted by Libros de Cabecera. First edition, October 2015. Prologued by Luis Martínez-Ribes and a Guillem Recolons ;-)

DesmárcateThe advantage of having a book written by someone who has devoured hundreds of leadership books in your hands, change, emotional intelligence, and management is obvious. It leaves nothing in the pipeline. And it's also one of the richest reference books I've ever read.

Xavi Roca is a Maverick, and so he wanted to check some assumptions and confront them with the new reality. I love that the author relates success and personal happiness to a good brand; It helps to believe, and also to create.

The structure of the book is based on the brand, seal, the footprint, Enter the auto analysis and the phase of preparation of personal branding, continues with the communication and gives us a valuable conclusion on man, the Earth and the Moon. His afterword collects the best of his blog, a little gem.

Marca personal para dummies

Marca personal para dummies. Written by Andrés Pérez Ortega (the sherpa of the personal brand). Posted by Alienta. First edition, March 2014.

Marca personal para dummies Already anyway going to talk to you... at least that say what you want! That's called the claim Book, that can not be luckier. I have to say that Personal Branding for Dummies is not a manual, is a treaty. Its more than 420 pages (small-print) They shall let be a dummie. Inevitably.

It is the fourth of the five books published by the "father" of the personal brand in Spain, the first text of "Personal branding" (Basic, September 2008) It was published shortly after the "and you, ¿qué marca eres?" by Neus Arqués.

It has a structure atypical but very oriented to the client, based in 6 parts and 20 chapters in total. It has many external collaborations (Thank you for having my own, master) and graphically it is brilliantly planned to make it very easy to read and follow. In addition to external opinions, is full of tools, tips, techniques and bug warnings.

El reto. Estrategia personal para tiempos de incertidumbre.

El reto. Written by Pablo Adán Micó. Posted by SC Libro. First edition, 2016. Foreword by Ginés Marco, Dean of the Faculty of philosophy of the Catholic University of Valencia.

El retoIf you are planning to read this book is something that worries you. Start reading the back cover. And I agree, This is for hipsters. If you are already well as you are, read poetry. Paul is a prolific writer. I had the honour to prolong his first book, "Personal marketing saved my life", and since then he has published (attention): Fourteen more books!!!

Of all, I'll certainly take the challenge, that you might also call route, because it draws a map from survival maslowiana up to the leadership and the self-realization. If you are of those who believes that the plan is that there is no plan, Paul will change the way you think.

As a good marketing professional, Paul puts special emphasis on the target audience and their needs to help you design your own strategy. His vision of trace cannot be more successful: give something to others, and not for oneself. “. Trace is to create something at the disposal of those who serve, to help"

3.- Testimonial books "that's how I did it, thats how things happen to me"

Francisco Alcaide has learned from the best, and that has allowed him to publish two precious books based on the experience of great leaders. In this case we have two authors who tell us about the value of their own experience.

Marca eres tú. Cómo mejorar tu futuro personal a través de tu marca personal

Marca eres tú. Written by Eva Collado Durán. Posted by Rasche. First edition, 2015. Prologue by Francisco Alcaide. Epilogue by Raquel Roca.

Brand is youFull Congress Personal Branding Lab Day 2015, Eva came up to the podium with their red-heeled shoes to give his lecture. And the first thing he did was to announce the imminent release of "Brand you", showing us the cover.

This book is like a diary, but counted as a manual of brand management. Eva recognized digital illiterate, and when he discovered what is in "the other side" his life changed. For good, of course. The best managers of emotions that I know is, and of the few people who has managed to literally move Protocol offline to the world online. unmasked.

I would not describe it as a book to learn personal brand, for me it is the book to throwing the ring, to jump without fear of falling. They say that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Well, yes, 1% you find it here, this is the Red Bull of the personal brand, the necessary step to lose the fear of managing your brand and make you aware of the world.

Un café con Chan. Cómo cumplir sueños con Personal Branding

Un café con Chan. Written by Ami Bondia. Published by Editorial Círculo Rojo. First edition, July 2015.

A coffee with ChaWritten in the first person, It is impossible to not be carried away by this doctor in journalism with a past and present in the TV screen. Sometimes it is difficult to write as you speak. Ami has succeeded. It has fled the jargon thinks, the NLP and coaching to get directly to anyone pursuing a dream (whatever it is).

The prologue, written by herself, He anticipates his second book "World of brave", launched this 2019 and which I had the pleasure to join Ami in Barcelona in Sant Jordi's day, the day of magic, books and roses.

For me there is a key question that drives to read the book in a few hours: what you would do if you lived your passion? She managed to work with Chan (Alejandro Sanz), fought until the end. And that changed her life. This is a manual to learn how to fight... and win.

4.- Books to reinforce the area of self-knowledge

Benjamin Franklin said "there are three things extremely hard: the steel, "diamonds and get to know yourself".

¿Quién eres tú? Descubre tu mayor tesoro: tú mismo.

¿Quién eres tú? Written by Laura girl. Posted by Alienta. First edition, June 2013.

Who are you?Laura part of Augustine's phrase "meet you. Accept yourself. Get ahead"to define the meaning of life. The book is a gem of emotional intelligence, She confesses that the biggest difficulty that we are in our emotional development is that we have not educated to think about what we feel, why we're sorry or how to name it.

Despite being a light book (140 pages), requires a quiet reading, perhaps two. At the end of each chapter includes a section "for thinking" and a booklet of exercises. You notice: as I said Franklin, This is not easy. But without this we can not move to the next step after the self-knowledge: the one about strategy.

There are two "extra" unforgettable, vitamins for life and #quienerestú 140 characters, the first capacity of a tweet. Short and wonderful phrases from authors of all time to better understand how we are.

Smart feedback. Conversaciones para el desarrollo del talento.

Smart Feedback. Written by Jane and Rosa Rodríguez del Tronco, and Noemí Vico. Posted by Lid Editorial. First edition, November 2017. Prologue by Santiago Vázquez, epilogue by Andrés Ortega.

I attended the "premiere" in Madrid with the pages of the book smelling of printing. Was missing a good book about how to give and receive feedback. It is this. They say their three authors that neither today is neither tolerated nor the error is integrated. How right. That is why it is necessary feedback.

Easy reading book, divided into five parts and impeccable design: boost talent through feedback, receive feedback, give feedback, learning skills and a workbook. This last, It helps to put into practice what they learned through different arrays (DAFO…)

I think that the feedback is the essential part of our self-awareness, which allows us to know exactly what personal brand we project and whether it includes a value proposition associated with.

5.- Books to reinforce the area of strategy

Said Sun Tzu "the Supreme art of war is to submit to the enemy without a fight". The strategy is the real roadmap of personal branding, where are decided as important as purpose elements, value proposition and business model.

Design Thinking para la innovación estratégica

Design thinking for strategic innovation. Written by Idris Mootee. Posted by Empresa Activa. First edition, September 2014.

Design Thinking for strategic innovationTrue. Design Thinking was put into scene by Tim Brown, CEO of the consultancy Ideo. But to find a comprehensive and inspiring book, Idris Mootee has achieved impeccable work.

The original title, in English is "Design Thinking: What you can teach in the schools of business and design."

Can you be surprised you see among my recommended books one that talks about design thinking. It is not a specialist in this, but the personal branding can nurture a way of structuring the creative thinking rather than effective. In the background, who not has used once a canvas as the model of business?

I must warn that it is not an easy book. Although it is very well illustrated, every page invites more than one deep reflection. The best thing is that it makes us question whether we are really thinking things based on the user experience of our stakeholder, And that's priceless.

I had the book at home without reading for months. And it was thanks to my colleague at TEDx Eixample Ana Reyes Lorenzo It encouraged me to read. Thanks Ana, I owe you one!

Tu modelo de negocio

Tu modelo de negocio. Written by Tim Clark, Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. Published by Deusto. First edition, March 2012.

Tu modelo de negocioFor me it is not a book, It is a Bible of personal branding. It is one of the first collaborative book. Written with the participation of of 328 collaborators of 43 countries. "The book was published a year after"Generation of models of business"from Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur (published in March of 2011).

The difference between one and the other is that the of 2011 focuses more on startups, small businesses and the referred here goes to people like you. Not only that, between the 328 collaborations will find a soul-mate whose case may serve as inspiration: a tax lawyer, a blogger, a commercial, a wedding photographer, an advertising Executive, a skier, a radio announcer, a doctor and dozens of other cases.

Consists in 5 chapters, and follow to the letter the scheme design thinking: canvas, reflection, review, action and extras. Essential.

6.- Books to reinforce the area of visibility

In communication, let's never forget that everything leaves a mark, what we say and what we are silent, what we do and what we do.

Te van a oír. Construye tu plataforma personal para darte a conocer

Te van a oír. Written by Andrés Pérez Ortega. Posted by Alienta. First edition, February 2013.

You will hearI don't always agree with the teachings of the master. When he says that the best person to sell what you do is you same, I think that there is a better. They are others. There would be the difference between marketing (I sell what I do) and branding (the result of what you do makes others sell it for me).

But having said that, "They'll hear you” it's an exquisite manual to get that -- in Andrew's words- your voice stands out in a world increasingly louder.

The irony of the author is present from the chapter 1: ADVERTENCIA: This book will help you promote what you do. But out from master boot, We are facing a serious book, context, platform, allies, media which are not the end, of the memorabilidad, social media, content, blog, social networks, playing in the first division (the book), other off-media and results measurement.

And talks to you in your direct tone, paternal, but based on many years of experience. A must.

Navegando en aguas digitales

Navegando en aguas digitales. Written by Yi Min Shum. Self-released. First edition, November 2016

Navegando en aguas digitalesIf you don't know Yi Min I will tell you your name, in Chinese, means person restless and creative. And if it is. Chinese parents, born in Valencia (Venezuela) And that's where he lives today.

Unlike "will you hear", "Enduring a digital" focuses 100% in the digital environment. And he does it with a precision that I was surprised to read it. I found it in my Hotel room in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on my first visit there in 2018. I was glad the journey back.

As a good engineer in computer science, Yi Min does not forget a single detail, and guide to a dummie, but also to a started like me, to the practical knowledge of digital marketing needed to bring personal brandto the top of visibility.

7.- Books focused on the area of employability and professional career

He says the Dalai Lama that there are only two days a year in which can not do anything: yesterday and tomorrow. This section discusses fuel, which is needed to improve the employability and to progress in career management.

El mapa de tu talento

El mapa de tu talento. Written by Arancha Ruiz. Posted by Be-Libris. First edition, October 2014. Foreword by Eduard Punset.

El mapa de tu talento Arancha curriculum is one of the guarantees that this book going to love. It is not the only. I was with her at the presentation of the book, in Barcelona. There explained that in less of 20 years the 47% Professional categories it will cease to exist. Emerging new talent needs. And that calls for a map. El mapa de tu talento.

Or think that it is not a book of personal branding. It is from head to toes. But in its expertise as talentist, Arancha invites you to read it with a purpose: improve your career. I lent the book, and you know... But the advantage is that the re - buy it, the 4th edition includes a review and a wonderfully contextualized new introduction.

It is an easy to read book (less than 200 pages), but it gives you work for several months until you see your results. Full of invitations to the action of great examples, I consider it a headline book in career self-management and personal branding.

Saltar de la pecera. Una historia de marca personal

Saltar de la pecera. Written by Cristina Mulero Calvo. Published by Círculo Rojo Editorial. First edition, July 2016. Foreword by Andrés Pérez Ortega.

Saltar de la peceraA history. This book is the story of Gabriel in his search for work with good experience under his arm and a good University curriculum. Each chapter tells a new day, a new interview in the character's life and how the new context invites him to reinvent himself.

Cristina speaks of the end of capitalism (of the tank) as we know it, and invites us to jump out of the tank becoming free agents, following forecasts of great thinkers like Tom Peters, Daniel Pink...

You desvelaré not the end of the story of Gabriel, but I suspect that Cristina has thought a second book. By the way, the ten personal keys of the end are delicatessen.

8.- Book to become a specialist in personal branding

Between the 18 books in Spanish to effectively manage your personal brand could not miss this. There are few things as encouraging as you achieve your clients shine. Personal branding occupies a more central and more in the world of personal development. The books mentioned above are very useful to manage our personal brand. If you want to go a step further and be "the tribe" you need a treaty. That Treaty is, definitely, Expertología.

If you want a friend advice, I would read before the founding article of personal branding, The Brand called You, Tom Peters, free, and published in 1997. Here you have the original version and here an excellent translation into Spanish of Consol Vancells.

The reading of Tom Peters will facilitate you adapting the self, S.L. that Andrew performs throughout his book.

Expertología. La ciencia de convertirte en un profesional de referencia.

Expertología. Written by Andrés Pérez Ortega. Posted by Alienta. First edition, January 2011.

ExpertologiaIf you're one more, you'll be one less. That is the almost invisible phrase which you can read at the foot of the cover image. And that is, in good part, the context of the book, along with what they learned from the reading of "The brand called you".

This book has a very personal story. I met Andrew at the beginning of 2010. He had already published "Personal branding" and had positioned itself as the expert in personal branding; in his own words, the sherpa of personal brand is placed.

In the wake of know him, materialicé, together with Jordi Collell, the birth of Soymimarca, the first dedicated agency 100% to the personal branding. Few months after the founding of the Agency (October 2010) We have Adam Pablo and Andrés Valencia to gestate a project of "personal branders" Association. And it was there where Andres brought us, freshly baked, a copy each of Expertologia, already dedicated.

Unfortunately I lent the book and could not recover it. I bought the Second Edition and I gave it to a friend. And now I bought the 5th Edition. Safe investment.

Although the subtitle "the science of becoming a professional reference" together to the first sentence of the book "this is a self-help book" invite you to think that it is a book of self-management, goes beyond. Your level of detail brings it closer to a treaty, to a little personal brand management bible.

Andres is a genius of metaphors, And not missing. The author warns that the book is not easy. It is right. "You'll have to work, reflect, exercises,…”.

I do nothing spoiler, I simply recommend your study if you want to become someone who helps your clients differentiate themselves and become the preferred option.

Neither are here all who matter nor they matter all who're here

I have to admit that I have not read all the books of personal branding. At home, I have earrings Jordi Collell texts"Tu startup personal”, and Fabian Gonzalez"Tu marca profesional”. I have read some, and they liked me, how"Distínguete y te distinguirán"Reyes Ferrer, “No imagen"by Maria. Sanchez", “Designing the value proposition"of Osterwalder and Pigneur. Also"Mejora y gana"ximo rooms", Pablo Adán and Pablo Alonso, “Monetízate" by Andrés Pérez Ortega and many others.

In the chapter on ebook, I would like to highlight the seven publications of Soymimarca, by several authors and find free of charge on the account Soymimarca Slideshare. Here I include the indispensable Oscar Del SantoMarketing de atracción 2.0“, ebook of Vladimir Estrada “Con nosotros todo, sin nosotros nada”, and also the new ebook written by Claudio Inacio and Andrés Pérez Ortega (Street Personal Branding) “Workbook de marca personal”.

And I also recommend, If you want to dedicate to this, read books that have not been translated into Spanish, of such indispensable authors as William Arruda, Peter Montoya, Catherine Kaputa, Brenda Bence, Hubert K. Rampersad, Dan Schawbel and Tom Peters himself.

I hope you found my summary of 18 books in Spanish to effectively manage your personal brand . Finally, I hope that in 2020 we can include a book written by a guy named Guillem Recolons. It's about time. What a bum.


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