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Good content promotes good networking. For Julia.

A few days ago he spoke of the importance of a good content as connector element. It was in the post dedicated to the strength of internal brand ambassadors. You might think that those who create or cure contents talk about theoretical connection. Today I bring you a story that shows how good content can awaken certain gears and generate valuable contacts.

For Julia, mezzo-soprano

opera voice ranges

Source: Wikipedia

To understand what a mezzosoprano there is nothing like this graph that I downloaded from Wikipedia. We always look at the sopranos, but in opera history there have been great mezzosopranos, as Cecilia Bartoli or Teresa Berganza.

The fact is that recently I devoted a post to the wonder of human imperfection, which distinguishes us from machines, with Maria Callas as protagonist. In If not human, surely he had sung better He commented an extraordinary documentary about the great soprano, that despite its metallic voice and its imperfections, He went down in history as one of the best interpreters of the operatic genre.

And the magic of social networks made this post was read by Julia, one mezzosoprano on a network so seemingly far from the art as Linkedin.

How to connect Julia

Julia liked the writing. And her, as it happens to many people, It is best moves in the world of personal relationships, The real world, the atoms.

Julia knew that Eva Collado Durán, great friend and colleague, I would be signing books at the Book Fair in Madrid. It turns out that Julia is very follower (now he says “fan”) Eve, and also my beloved and admired Laura Chica, and Paco Alcaide. The three great authors and connectors were signing their books a few booths away. Julia planned his visit to the fair, “this is mine”, he must have thought.

Thought and done, Julia was presented in the three booths, He bought the three books, The Eva Marca eres tú, the Laura 365 appointments with me, and Paco Learning from the Best II. He managed to devote her books and gave each author a double CD entitled “The Callas effect“, one of the best and most generous musical selections from Maria Callas I've heard.

Julia's letter Arrellano, mezzo sopranoJulia knows that Eva and I often see, He left a paper bag with the label for you for me. Here are the contents of the bag, Eve gave me yesterday at lunch. Wonderful. I had not received a letter in his own handwriting with an impeccable calligraphy. And next to the letter, the same CD. At a time of life that is hard to get excited, gifts like this (the letter, above all) priceless. Both Eva and me I got goosebumps us with the story.

Ghost 2.0, observer or person consume social networks, but does not participate in them

Desvelaré not the contents of the letter, but there is one detail that catches my attention. Julia is considered a “ghost 2.0”. Years ago I used a graph talked about prosumers (content producers and consumers). It turns out that the type of “observers” are most. Pass networks, by blogging, they read, consume content, but they do not feel comfortable entering digital conversation.

Uppercase my respect for these people, observer. No son trolls, absolutely. Only are people who feel more comfortable acting means “always”. And what is a letter. At a time where everything is digital, smell the role of a letter, receive a physical CD and read a handwritten text, That is to feel the humanity in all its splendor. Thanks from my heart, Julia. Good content (books from my friends, post Callas…) promotes good networking. Definitely.

And who is she?

Here I leave a video with an interpretation of You sigh Mrs. Opera Béatrice & Bénédict of Hector Berlioz. By the way, one of the singing is Julia, and I admired my friend and mezzosprano Julia Arellano. With black dress, to be exact.



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