What kind of risks inasumibles can run an organization dedicated efforts to its employees aboquen to the full its uniqueness?

I confess that the title would have robbed a superb post entitled Miquel Angel Escobar Business and Personal Branding.

The uniqueness generates strong brands (sometimes too)

I asked a few days ago some colleagues if the uniqueness of individuals is important and risky in organizations and the brand they project. think, for example, White House, Is it the same with Trump than it was with Obama? Agree, you think it is a facile example, then why not affect the brand soccer team coach? And if Jose Mourinho? Think about it.

The clash between uniqueness and values

There are times when management of an organization They have given the green light to hire someone as important as a spokesman with equivocal criteria. It's not about “file” the most popular, special, funny, controversial, notorious… It is found that shares the values ​​and vision of the brand. Enough to make the corporate vision his own. The uniqueness is welcome, but within a framework of shared values.

People are part of the brand, and brand people

Branding is increasingly complex, richer. It has nothing to do with a logo, It is everything that makes up a brand, but always in relation to their purpose and the footprint inside and outside organizations. I like the geometry of brand experts proposed sum:

geometry brand

Source: sum:

At the core of the brand is the purpose or purpose the brand, without which it is drifting. There emerges the identity, the pillars are the values. From there, Identity, defined many of the behavior patterns of the brand, their fields of meaning and, of course, its graphic form, colors, flavors, Textures, smells. Also here it fits the history of the brand and its business model. Brand experience can be a result, but it can also be part of the process of strategic reflection, transferred to field customer journey and user experience.

Once defined the core brand, sum: defines five elements that give life and meaning: People and processes, physical environments, virtual environments, products and communication.

What it has happened in recent years with this balance of elements?

What are some things past:

  1. We have gone from a product culture to a culture brand. Agree, It is not something universal, we know that without no brand products, and unbranded product may be (bulks, for example).
  2. Communication formats have multiplied in proportion to its lowered impact. If in the years 80 confidence in advertising, public relations… was the 90%, today, according Nielsen, is the 33%.
  3. As a reverse process to lower confidence in brands, confidence in employees and technical experts is, according Edelman Trust 2019, the maximum. That means that paragraph “people and processes” organizations gains weight and becomes transverse, supporting communication very efficiently.
  4. Virtual environments have stressed, if it fits, the influence of people on branding corporate. People create and interact with more powerful and reliable virtual communities that own brands. Not only that, all professionals in the organization have occupied the portavocía brands consciously or unconsciously acting- as brand ambassadors. In a nutshell, virtual environments have first empowered professionals and therefore organizations which represent.
  5. Physical environments have become. Now it is common to find offices where there are no fixed places for professionals, but they are “plug & play”. In many cases, telework has been imposed or introduced force, improving the performance of enterprises and improving the business model. The digital transformation has brought us low-cost tools to communicate with any part of the world in real time.
  6. Y products and services are able to mutate at a rate never seen before. The life cycle is shorter, but quickly replaced by alternative proposals that are on the market fit.
  7. Finally, the ability to measure what we do has been universalized, and that makes it easier to think that We are in liquid business models, phase permanent beta.

Anyone can create a good product, Here it is difficult to raise a good brand

singularity, to end, It can never be seen as a unilateral proposal for professionals or companies, It is something that should feed back to brands.

Wondering what kind of risks inasumibles can run an organization dedicated efforts to its employees aboquen to the full its uniqueness?

I think I have the answer. Any.


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