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The iceberg of personal branding: self-knowledge, strategy, visibility

Personal branding is not something to be built, it's something that we leave to others. Being aware of that footprint (self-knowledge), develop a strategic project and discover the best channels to convey our message and value proposition is to work on our iceberg personal brand. What others see is a small part.

Personal branding applied to professional groups

Health sector, legal, advertising, Pharmacy, insurance, financial, consultancy, real-estate, engineering, HR, technology, culture, restoration, tourism, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), leisure, coaching… Each group requires a different strategy.

Superpowers> The importance of personal and corporate values ​​in organizations

In a few years we have gone from the apparent to the functional. From the functional to the competential. And now we see that this model is no longer sufficient to ensure the lace

If you don´t add value, do not mind> The value proposition as an axis of personal branding

The value proposition is the choice that makes a customer (or recruiter) in favour of us. is no longer enough to say who we are, but why are we those who best will solve the problem. The conference highlights the rational and emotional keys of a unique value proposition and the best way to write it in context.

Storytelling. The development of our personal story facilitates a better connection with our stakeholders

Our professional relationships are consolidated based on the value we can bring to our stakeholders. But equality proposals, our personal story and our values ​​can make the difference. Every time we seek relationships with people with whom we share values, it is a fact.

Personal brand management in the digital environment

The digital environment provides us opportunities to make ourselves known never known before. But we are also more exposed and are more vulnerable. Every professional needs to know from its industry and its need selecting appropriate means on the basis of their potential audience. And like any other matter, less is more.

Of employees involved> The strength of domestic brand ambassadors

When the effectiveness of the classic corporate media is diluted, it is time to put into action who gives greater credibility, brand trust and muscles: business professionals. Talk in the context that favors highlighted the “Employee Advocacy programs”, the advantages for businesses and professionals, content and ROI.

Accessing the labor market from scratch> Personal Brand for College

You have grown alongside students-above- paper, They have the same chances that you find a good job. But the skills are not only hard, soft decide today. It is that good work finds you… difficult? no, essential.

Personal branding for entrepreneurs, no one without the other

Entrepreneurship is a complex act, either do from a start-up at an early age or as a result of a job change. If people are better transmitters that corporate brands, How you should focus on a process of personal brand entrepreneurs?

The 70% communication budget is going away> Now what do?

The effectiveness of traditional corporate media has plummeted in recent years. Brands need to humanize, and thus they must have spokespersons of flesh and blood that emit confidence and credibility. They are closer than it seems.

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