Personal Branding político (workshop)

In Political Personal Branding I have a premise: Promote the development of the personal brand of political candidates is a benefit for the party and the candidates themselves. The party won more effective leaders and spokesmen and empathic, values ​​alignment, greater communication range and clear improvement in confidence to citizens.

On the other hand, thanks to Political Personal Branding, candidates benefit from an improvement in their self-knowledge, depth work on its value proposition, a profile management own brand, better understanding of internal and internal communication tools and, of course, greater visibility and medium term, greater recognition.

And the best, with the Political Personal Branding activated cross leadership as change managers, acting as an example to their teams.

The workshop aims to Political Personal Branding It is based on my experience with 10 candidates / as of different political formations, the results, and lessons learned.

As a matter of privacy I prefer not to disclose the names of the candidates or political groups with whom I have worked, but I will say that is a candidate for the presidency of the Spanish government, candidate and candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya, candidate for mayor of Barcelona, three candidates for MEPs and several deputies and counselors.

I have here an article published on the subject:

  • profiles

    Candidates from all areas of political organization and responsible for managing cultural change

  • Duration

    Between 8 and 12 hours, format workshop with high participation in dynamic and role play attendee. Presential: In-company or instead agreed, remotely or instead agreed

  • Benefits

    Improved self-confidence, in policy value proposition, in the message. Creating plan internal / external communication, aligned with the party, digital working tools and personal learning environment