executing ideas, better with seniors

Ideas are great, but their execution is everything (and seniors are very good at this)

This week I remembered something that happened very often in the golden age of advertising agencies: Hundreds of new ideas were generated every week. The truth, nevertheless, is that very few came to their execution.

Agency drawers were full of good ideas, abandoned until better times came. Some were recycled, others entered the eternity of oblivion.

Having the ability to generate ideas is great, but if you don't think about the feasibility of its execution, are dead ideas. And with viability I mean an affordable cost, a reasonable start-up time, and, more important, guaranteed short-term results.

In this post I want to put in value, once again, the experience of the senior to bring ideas into practice. If you have little time, I'll sum it up in a minute in this video:

Lack of experience conditions the execution of ideas

A few days ago I was read an article Jeff Haden, editor of Inc. magazine., in that he claimed that it's much harder to execute ideas well when you have limited experience. It's also much harder to make smart tactical decisions, especially when you need to make a number of decisions on a day-to-day basis

Gaining experience is the only way to reduce the number of things you don't know, and have a reasonable idea of what things you do well and which you don't.

45-50 years old , the perfect age to start a project and take it to execution

What you read. A study between 2.7 millions of Startups found the ideal age to start a business. If you're close to the 50 years old , you might think it's too late to start a business. Misconception: It's actually the perfect time.

I advise you to read Hagen's entire article on Inc. to demystify the belief that undertaking is a matter for the 20 or 30. Why not, at that age new ideas abound, but how to implement them is unknown.

A recent study by the Census Bureau and two professors from the Massachusets Institute of Technology (Mit) concluded that the most successful entrepreneurs tend to be middle-aged, even in the tech sector. The researchers compiled a list of 2,7 millions of founders of companies that hired at least one employee 2007 and 2014. The average founder of a startup had 45 years when he founded the most successful tech companies what do you think? Are you surprised?

The innovation department in the hands of seniors?

More than one will have a sore eye with this headline. A few weeks ago, in the post But well... what's going on in Spain with the seniors?, stressed that many large companies are getting away from senior talent to forced marches, with pre-retirements to professionals since 53 years old .

Exercise your talent, by Juan Martinez de SalinasThis week, in the presentation of the book of Juan Martínez de SalinasExercise your talent” (book I recommend to anyone who needs a professional change), the senior theme emerged. Celia Hil, expert Cooldys Talent, asked John if the book's exercises were useful to seniors. Affirmative answer. Also one of the speakers, my colleague and friend Arancha Ruiz, argued that big companies need to rejuvenate their templates (alluding to pre-retirements).

The thing is, now it's no longer a matter of age, it's a matter of competence. The investigation in question indicates that if companies detach from seniors they will lose the ability to execute new ideas, And I think that's especially serious.

Does a new opportunity open for seniors taking responsibility for innovation? or better, The implementation of that innovation? I leave it there, and I hope that Colia and his colleagues Laura Rosillo and Jaume Gurt you can give your opinion on this.

At the risk of falling into cheered cirta, I dare to affirm:

Only those who give up curiosity age

As Jeff Haden concludes, “science shows that your experience, your skills, your connections, your expertise, what if, your age, they're on your side”.

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4 replies
  1. Celia Hil
    Celia Hil says:

    As you say Guillem, there are several studies that show that companies that make pre-retirements and EREs are wrong by setting aside the Senior Talent and the experience it carries in their company's backpacks. There's a market view, industry knowledge, personal relationships, purchasing power, social status… that make it more possible for an innovative idea to be implemented. Young millennial garage and T-shirt vision is overrated, figures and reality shows that senior entrepreneurship has better results.

    Thank you Guillem for quoting Laura Rosillo, Jaume Gurt and me who along with the rest of the Cooldys Talent team (Eleonora Barone, Olga Berbés, Alberto Bokos and Carlos Morales), we work to value Senior Talent and fight ageism (age discrimination) that there is in society and in the company in particular, where with consulting and training programs we design solutions to the management of Senior Talent in organizations.

    A greeting to you and your entire Guillem community ;-)

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      That's how Colia is.. It has needed to analyze almost 3 millions of startups to give us account ability not only of the creative ability of seniors, if not the value of experience to implement those ideas successfully. One big hug and one for all your Cooldys Talent colleagues, an entrepreneurial project that starts from a group of seniors who keep curious about life.

  2. MARIA Cordal Stop
    MARIA Cordal Stop says:

    Good article. I think, for being of the senior target, it's important to connect and carry out joint projects, bringing skills and experiences. The juniors are so immersed in their today, who don't have time to observe trends, beyond technological advances, they're fantastic but not alone.


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