Personal brand diagnosis 13: Building the SWOT (PPL)

In the 4 last chapters of the series Iceberg I've treated the "D" of "Weaknesses"with Elena Arnaiz, the "F" of Strengths with Xavi Roca, the "A" of Threats with Arancha Ruiz and the "O" of Opportunities with Francisco Warden. A luxury.

It's the turn to build the SWOT, and to do so in a practical and effective way. And for this I joined in this post my colleague and partner Nancy Vazquez, co-founder of Integra Personal Branding Mexico. Nancy works the SWOT with a methodology that solves diagnostic issues, but with the add on of three"outputs" possible.

If you have little time, I invite you to see this summary:

The SWOT matrix as a talent boost

We are more likely to succeed in life if we use our talents to the fullest. Similarly,, we will have fewer problems if we know our weaknesses thoroughly, and if we manage them in a way that doesn't affect our professional activity.

In the SWOT' context, our talents could be the sum of our strengths with the opportunities that open up. And let's remember that identifying our weaknesses and threats is a strength and a competitive advantage.

We have already identified our Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities. It's time to create the SWOT matrix, and not just any matrix, but one that answers three big questions. Nancy explains it:

Nancy Vazquez: The PPL SWOT (Person-Professional-Leader)

To manage a brand in an integral way we must work on three very important axes: The Person, The Professional and The Leader.

A good Personal brand is not less than one to be another, it is oneself, a person, a professional and a leader.

These three axes are roles that remain constant throughout our lives and that we can now develop them to achieve a much more complete competitive advantage.

When doing a PERSONAL SWOT my proposal is to be able to work it from a comprehensive analysis, from these three axes that help us clarify and thoroughly supplement relevant information about us, in order to be able to create a greater number of opportunities that at the same time will lead us to have a higher level of personal-professional satisfaction.

Persona SWOT

Perform your SWOT by working your three axes, think about your strengths or weaknesses in the first place as Person, which is the basis for developing as a professional and as a leader, the personal side currently plays an important role in interaction with the people, because it's the human side, stories, core values, etc. it's our emotional-sensory side to what we want to connect with and what leads us to have a chance to connect with different micro-niches.

Professional SWOT

Secondly, work on your SWOT from the perspective of Professional, your experience, results, work skills, studies, and everything that relates to your profession, this axis is on the normally we rely to establish strengths and weaknesses, so it's the easiest to work with, this axis we can see it as a structure with which we can provide a solution to a certain need in the market (resolutor side).

Leader SWOT

By last, thirdly we're going to look at our axis of Leader, from that perspective we will look for everything that strengthens or weakens us according to our personal brand management objective, here we're going to coincide many times with the others 2 axes, but also according to our level of self-knowledge we can find guidelines that help us enrich job or personal and even social opportunities, this axis is what makes us guide others and ourselves, I consider it the conscious side.

At the end of the PPL SWOT you will have the opportunity to generate a much more robust plan, understanding that the axes complement each other to generate a greater number of opportunities and at the same time we will be able to increase our level of self-knowledge.

And here's an outline of the matrix of this PPL SWOT.

DAFO PPL by Nancy Vazquez



Webinar: The four pillars of Personal Branding in companies

The 4 pillars of personal branding in companies

I invite you to this webinar that will take place next Thursday 25 of June 2020 7pm ESP, 12h MEX together with my partner in The Human Branding, Helena Casas and I'll take a tour of the personal Branding's four areas of influence and ROI in organizations.

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Congratulating Francisco Alcaide on the 20th edition of "Learning from the Best"

F Warden Learning from the Best 20 EditionMy good friend, writer and lecturer Francisco Alcaide, has seen his book "star" as the first part of "Aprendiendo de los Mejores” (Alienta), has reached its 20th edition. And what less to celebrate with a hardcover binding.

In the sash you can read two impressive facts and a great reflection:

  • The book that has inspired more than 70.000 people. (you read well, more than seventy thousand people).
  • The management book best-selling of a Spanish author in recent years.
  • "The results don't lie. If your life isn't how you'd like it to be. either you don't know something or you're not doing it right".

Congratulations, Paco!

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