emotional shareholder

Shareholding emotional perhaps innocently, Utopia or road?

Some time ago recreated this concept “emotional shareholder” understood as symbolic co-owned to a brand or organization. At the end of the month, They pass through my hands many articles on employer branding (talent attraction) and on retaining talent. I explain briefly:

Talent retention

I think as a concept “retaining talent” literally reflects the image of a guy in a business Caged. I think it does not require much explanation. However, the concept “retaining talent” continues to occupy headlines and few have bothered to explain that actually, It is loyalty, to convince, and not to retain.

Attracting talent

In this case, yes, employer branding understood as attracting talent, not always use the right hooks to do. Talent you may attract many ways, go fishing but is not one of them. Basically because we are neither fish nor shoes, We are people. We also are talented. Although the third meaning of the SAR on talent refers to intelligent people, the first two define the ability to understand or ability to perform. So, are human qualities, so we could define talent as a quality, and not the person who possesses.

Which is the topic? its not about talent, It is people.

It may seem shallow leave all this in a matter of lexicography. But is not: In the first case, We do not talk about retaining talent, We speak to persuade people, to convince them, of ilusionarlas, fidelizarlas. In the second case we talk about attracting talent, We speak to persuade people, to convince them, of ilusionarlas to a project… Do you see the coincidence? Exact! As it turns out there is a common denominator between loyalty and attract people: always it tries to persuade, to convince, ilusionar, and, If you let me, thrill.

emotional shareholding: convince people satisfied satisfied people

In this chart I show the main reasons leading to a professional to stay -a taste- in the organization or brand you work:

professional conviction


This leads me to think about the concept of emotional shareholder, the feeling of being part of the brand, although no titles are held on it. Emotional shareholder is best to attract new professionals. It first makes a possible candidate when bidding for work-not forget- you see how “home” inside. And we're just a click of a check as easy as that.

Emotional shareholder may seem naive, Utopia, but also a way to recover, within the context of a more human branding, human branding.

We recover the essence of that yogurt named Bio before and assuring “making inside looks abroad”.

Have a nice week!

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5 replies
  1. Joel Pinto
    Joel Pinto says:

    Hello, Guillem

    I hope you are well. Just talking with a customer last week about this concept and made it almost the same clarification you're doing in this article: It's not about “to hold back” talent creating a pleasant working environment, in an office with microwaves, fridge, TV and other toys.

    This is convince them that this company may pursue their dreams, make a decent career, give the best of themselves, grow and, Besides everything, earn good money during the entire trip.

    It seems to forget that we like serious professionals commit to 100% with companies in which we work but in exchange for a mutual commitment: I'll help you grow, while you help me grow; I will do part of my life, in the same way that you (company) you make me part of yours.

    In many cases the issue of “to hold back” talent seems closer to that cage you mention you, anything else.

    the sector, as usual, with pleasure.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hi Joel, I think the alignment of values ​​and the idea that there is a purpose beyond the economic benefits are key factors for a professional not only feel comfortable with a brand, but feel it as their own. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Iolanda
    Iolanda says:

    A very interesting article Guillem,

    I think the lexicon that is used is not a superficial matter. Language influences largely on our perception of reality. The word “to hold back” connotes “loss of freedom” obvious that can cause some cognitive and / or emotional dissonance professionals who value freedom and autonomy at work. Better “Attract” or “seduce”, definitely.


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